[3.9] "The recharger" Very tanky max attack/spell block fast clear ball lightning assasin

Welcome exiles, as I am not very familiar with content creation here I will make a simple guide.

This build offers basically all types of recovery of energy shield and thus has a unique and fun playstyle. I did all content with it in 3.7 and 3.8.
The main idea is to recover % of our high Energy shield pool using these 2 items

- this jewel provides glancing blows keystone that doubles the attack/spell block chance and makes block only reduce damage by 50%. But that doesn't matter because we need block only to proc our recovery

further boosted by things like
we multiply the % recovered on block. In the end I have a 75% chance to recover 750 energy shield when hit. We also leech 3000 energy shield per second.
If you will have any questions feel free to message me here or in game @MorphanFreeman

- very durable
- fast clear
- absolutely immune to fast burst damage, more hits=more heal
- does not rely on flasks
- fast recharge and recovery, excellent boss killer
- you have to craft your gear, fun!
- immune to crit damage (saves a lot of frustration from one shots)
- max block
- very flexible gear options

- block can betray you, but we still have a lot of ES to back it up
- requires self crafted gear in almost all cases, rng and investment

note that DPS on ball lightning is much higher than shown here as it hits every 0.15 seconds, I cant tell how much exactly does it have but it is a million or two as you can see in the video https://pastebin.com/dK89B2pb

minotaur run, the stops I did sometimes are to show you how ES on block works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiSZ1yiHkPc

I strongly suggest not to buy shield (no way you find 300 es with recovery on block), armor and belt. Craft some instead using just dense fossils. You can buy the rest of the gear


I absolutely recommend to use
as not only it offers very high amount of damage, it also gives us 16% (32% with our jewel) of spell block which is very valuable. Its a cheap item so I don't have other suggestions

this one is a bit harder to come by as we need a +1 power charge corruption, just aim for at least 100 energy shield (200 would be awesome) everything else is extra, resistances are nice to have more freedom elsewhere

I would aim for at least 250 ES, the max rolled %recovery on block is a must, charges on block are super awesome! Shaper shields offer a lot of fun mods if you are lucky

The % ES recovery is a must, flat energy shield for each enemy hit is expensive but will boost your defense to extreme amounts as we hit with ball lightning, tempest shield and orb of storms. Wrath penetration is good damage boost, everything else is a bit of nice like energy shield regen from discipline, light damage from wrath etc

I was really lucky to have this made in syndicate research by Thane. 18-20% ES is a must, luckily its craftable. Flat energy shield is nice, try to get one damage mod like % crit multi or some resistances here. I would suggest not to use shaper amulet as you want to eventually transform the amulet into this juicy talisman for 40%+ Energy shield in one slot


Now its up to you, you can either go crit multi elder ring + mark of shaper as I did or go into more ES and buy temple rings that have flat 50ES and 10% increased ES. I would suggest having at least some damage on one ring and you can use the other for ES+res

we can get ES elsewhere so we don't need to go crazy about it here, get as much res as possible and ofcourse the movement speed

Best in slot would be elder gloves with 5% block, that would save 5 points in tree! Overall, same with boots try to get some nice ES but resistances are most important

very important slot, you need a shaper's crystal belt (maybe guardian's can work now) for %ES recovery rate, that's the only mod you really need. ES and res or some interesting mod like spell damage while flask effect are nice.

Ball lightning - 17/20 arcane surge - added lightning damage - elemental focus - energy leech - inspiration
spell echo gives more damage but I just hate to use it

wrath - discipline - enlighten (doesn't have to be level 4)

for extra boss damage I use 4l orb of storms - energy leech - elemental focus - controlled destruction

tempest shield (manually activate it at the start of the map, you wont need to do it again if you don't stop) with our curse setup - chain - conductivity- curse on hit

flame dash - faster casting
In the rest you can put some extra stuff like cast when damage taken - immortal call but I didn't feel the need for it and levelled some gems instead

Untable infusion-> Deadly infusion. Then it depends on you, if you want damage first take Opportunistic, if you want defense first take Mistwalker

If you are able to level up to 94 take Alira, if not, take 2 points.

For Pantheons just take soul of Brine King for stun avoidance and soul of Tukohama from minor gods for extra phys reduction to facetank bosses (also good for 2% regen if you take zealoth's oath)
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Cool build :-) Thanks for sharing

P.S: your youtube link is broken.
thomzon wrote:
Cool build :-) Thanks for sharing

P.S: your youtube link is broken.

Thanks for letting me know, just learning how to use stuff here properly :D
pantheons ?
PoB link is broken.
Bobonei wrote:
PoB link is broken.

The issue is whole pastebin.com doesn't work today
clau88tm wrote:
pantheons ?

I will add them to build now but overall if I'm not using build with dodge I just take the stun one and forget about it. Phys reduction while standing is the best one from minor gods
Thank you for the guide, much appreciated.
I suppose you help Alira? Can you confirm Ascendancy order

DivineIdylle wrote:
Thank you for the guide, much appreciated.
I suppose you help Alira? Can you confirm Ascendancy order

I actually didn't, I was afraid of how much points I will need for block but looking at it now it seems like a good option. As for ascendancies take Unstable infusion-> Deadly infusion, then it depends if you want damage and speed first take Opportunistic, if you want defense take Mistwalker
Thanks for the guide.
Some questions.

- how fast mapping it is on regular map?
- how far end game content do you think it will be? (deep delve and new awesome metamorph bosses)

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