We're excited to see the fan art that our community continues to create, inspired by Path of Exile. It's been a while since the last fan art showcase, so we feel it's time to show off our players' latest creations! Check them out below:

Halls of Oriath 3D Art by Vantiel

You can find more screenshots here.

The Hooded Figure by DMCupitty

Sister Cassia by quackquackimduck

Path of Exile Currency by LeinTer

Tane the Meatmorpher by Sarcomite

'Paint Your Build' by SkintickeT5

Thank you to everyone who shared their Path of Exile fan art over this year. We're so lucky to have such a talented community! P.S. It's time to get ready for another Talent Competition ;)
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Damn that last one makes elder look truly terrifying.


Gonna log on now just in hopes to encounter Cassia again.
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wow nice!

gj all!
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Flasks finally have an item sound. Thanks for listening :)
Good work!

Go Sister Cassia!
Yes yes now release the new core supporter packs, literally waiting to give you money ffs.
Always a fan of the fan art
H*ck yes
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