3.9.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

I'm one of the 5700XT people, and for me the game actually became mostly playable again with this patch. Thane still crashes me back to desktop on maps with a lot of vegetaion, but he does not force a system reboot any more like he did since Saturday.
ill wait till this amd issue is fixed then play again good luck ggg
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Still crashes upon encountering Tane. It happens like 95% of the time and makes game unplayable.
Still crashes randomly and after summoning Thane %99.9 of time.

Temporary solutions that work for 15 minute: Disabling hardware acc. on browser, discord etc.

Deleting the dx cashe on poe dir.

Solutions that definetely works but ain't perfect : DX to Vulkan translation. But it stutters terribly when you encounter something new ( So while leveling it will be hard especially, dont play HC with this.)

I must add crash defintely isn't directly related to Thane since I crash at Standart pretty regularly too. I hope this helps to fix the problem since I really can't play competitevely anymore.

I know it isn't a hotfix material but dear lord and saviour Chris, consider adding Vulkan support to this game. It defintely make life easier for AMD GPU guys and game would probably run better on Nvidea too.
Had 0 crashes today until now. I actually thought it was fixed with this patch and was so happy. I took couple hour break and now came back, put spider lair map and same monitorsgoesblackandyouneedtorebootPC crash happened when Tane appeared in boss room.

EDIT: Oh and i have AMD RX 5700 XT GPU also
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GPU driver still crashes, i passed Kuduku fight (this time without metamorph system) At the climb I picked some parts and could summon Tane without crash, but it crashed at direct fight with Faun.
That's a shame that was a bug. I had so much fun fighting a T2 purifier.

haha I did wonder what the level of the elder would be as a result okay.

Thanks for the work GGG I haven't had so much fun in your game ever.
That is why even Diablo mobile is better.

ExileCon - the biggest con of.. >>> crash to dektop
Idk what you've done, but game is unplayable now, lag and freezes are the norm, it's a pain to watch and play. Quitting for now :-(
"Metas rotate all the time, eventually the developers will buff melee"
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Cannot say 100% but I haven't crashed after few hours of play since the patch. Will test further and report if I encounter a crash. So far great job from me, GGG.

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