3.9.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

Glad to know that i'm not the only one that gets lag spikes unreasonably too often and game crashes all the damn time. I got AMD too. In 5mins of game time i had 3 crashes so far.. This happens almost 3 days straight.

Also i lost half of the maps i run in the process of all the crashes. Its really irritating.
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I am sure path of exile 2.0 is going to be damned awesome but the real poe 2.0 would be.

a.) Fixing game lag for crazy builds where your fps drops to less than 1.
b.) Making currency and any specialty tab auto dump into its respective stash tab.
c.) Various other QOL improvements.

Some people still play Diablo 2. A game like this has longevity not based upon having 400 acts but being very solid in the every day life stuff.

Making the end game harder and bosses harder is the step in the right direction. Now fix the other stuff.

That would be my poe 2.0.
Is there anyways to separate characters by leagues yet? Or any plans to do so?
...and to think 4 years ago I was still playing Diablo 3 and doing the same exact content with bigger numbers for 10k+ hours...holy shit I'm an idiot
^ Thank god you dont have to worry about it anymore.
POE gives 10k+ hours of varied conteent.
There is no way to be bored.
My friend keep dc'ing aswell. He got AMD.
But because i got Nvidia Geforce and if i play with him, i cancel out the dc for some reason. I tank the DC for him with my powerfull Geforce - hope it will help some of you before a fix is made.
After thies patch i get DCs every Instance change :(
10 DCs in 30 mins :(
Playing on a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060
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This patch killed all my plans.
I really hope they can solve the memory leak issue with Windows 7 systems. I would really love to be able to play the league I bought a supporter pack for. Learned my lesson next time I'll wait to see how it plays before I spend my money. Still stand by GGG although it's very frustrating.
Windows 7 user here and the memory leak is still an issue.

EDIT: It's so frustrating to have to deal with this crash since Dec 17. The game is actually fun, this is what makes this even more frustrating.

I get and understand the importance of having a vacation during holidays to spent time with family, it's absolutely important. But I am so mind-boggled by how a patch is released right before top devs/leads are gone for holidays.

That said, why then release a patch when you don't have all hands on deck? I get that there were other issues, but worst then what's happening right now? How does GGG not have blackout days for releases?
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