3.9.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

This patch is a restartless deploy, so you will need to restart your client to receive the client changes.

Neat, On a side note, After turning off Vsync yesterday I wasn't crashing when Octo spawns upon picking up the last organ.

Andd I'm crashing again. >_<
Fixed a client crash occurring when using Dynamite in Delve Mines.

Thanks! :-)
RX 5700 XT. Since tha patch the game use far more GPU then before, forcing the fans to run around 100%. What a great day..
Thank you for fixing the delve i can finally delve, but the FPS are horrible since this patch and i think the memory leaks are back too.
plz bro fix it me main skill "chain hook"
Thank you for fixing some of the bugs so quickly !
Proud you devs, cant say the same for diablo, thats why i switched.

Cant wait to play with autopicking meta body organs ! <3
entering the "patch a day" period of the league while we are "beta testing"
Swazlee wrote:
entering the "patch a day" period of the league while we are "beta testing"

With the sheer amount of content we get, with brand new interactions like what we see here. How are supposed to create, AND mass beta test within the 3 month window.

System as stands has its issues, but we still get a league every 3 months. So win.
Had 0 Crashes after League Start but after first Patch it wont stop crash....

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