[3.9] Aziire's Deadeye Galvanic Arrow - Maximum Projectile Speed/AoE, God Speed!

Following this guide as I'm quite interested in starting a Galvanic arrow build this league.
Hi. Any updates on the viability of the skill? Maybe it's just me, but the damage seems very low (both aoe and single target).

P.S. Why do you use barrage? It cuts the damage too much and doesn't allow to one-shot packs.
Build is pretty fun so far! Thanks so much for making this guide, it's incredible! Especially the item filter links, super useful.

I'm level 49, but need to find an alternative to The Stormcloud. Not sure what to search for. I know The Tempest is the next big upgrade, but it's a bit out of my budget atm. Need to farm more chaos I guess ;p
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Good to hear you are following it, keep me updated on how you are going.


I hit Level 80 before going to bed and the build is feeling a lot better. The damage was low, definitely while switching from Toxic Rain to Galvanic Arrow. Getting as much flat elemental damage helps immensely. I got Thunderfist which adds a lot of Lightning Damage, and acts as a Psuedo 5L. It's definitely got growing pains and isn't going to be as solid as whatever is meta but thats the nature of playing riskier off the cuff skills.

The Barrage lets us recast the cone much faster, as it casts per arrow. It also increases our single target by a lot, which is the main thing we are struggling with.


Thank you for the nice comments :). Work towards getting yourself to Blood Aqueducts, you can farm Chaos a lot easier there. The build just constantly upgrades while you are there and you start getting enough to get fun upgrades.
I love galvanic arrow but I wanna ask if this build is possible to spend currency on to scale and be better? Because I wanna play just one character and I would like to spend my time improving it..
I seem to be confused, when you say barrage I assume you mean the barrage support? but where do you get the barrage support gem cause I cant find it.

the wiki says its a quest reward for 'a swig of hope' but the quest rewards for that are rare rings.

EDIT: It looks like you dont get it until completing act 4.
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The main thing needed to know for all builds in 3.9:

How is the single target?

I've rerolled 3 times because I keep trying builds with shit ST damage; this is a bossing league so it's pretty important!

For sure. There is so much min maxing potential here it is insane. Once I started mapping I've been on a roll and don't have problems with anything as of yet. I've done 70/154 and still going strong. Definitely a fun one to sink currency in and just go hard.


Yeah I didn't use Galvanic until I was in Blood Aqueducts so I wasn't sure how it went while levelling. If you levelled with it please lemme know how it went, would be good to hear feedback.


The Single Target is only awkward while switching/early levels. I used Toxic Rain until Blood Aqueducts and then switched. Struggled for a bit and grabbed some gear that drastically helped me out. I've done some of the Conquerors no problem, and pushing pretty far into the Atlas no issue so far. This build should be good for it all.
I've been using it and I like it a lot, feels fast and powerful only a little fragile, have you though about changing piercing shots for Graceful assault?, the last ascendancy already has piercing and onslaught is really good to clear, I am using it right now and feels good.
I levelled with Galvanic, and I never had any issues with damage. With barrage it's really satisfying and feels like a rapid fire shotgun.

Gearwise I used storm cloud and prismweave until I could upgrade to a doomfletch's prism. A drillneck and then a thunderfist is now carrying me into early maps no problem.

EDIT: should mention that I used toxic rain + mirage archer to supplement my damage while lvling
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