[3.9] Aziire's Deadeye Galvanic Arrow - Maximum Projectile Speed/AoE, God Speed!

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Finally back. From tomorrow on I'll be replying everyday, and will reply to the past 2 pages of comments (I'll read them all however). If I don't get to yours I'm sorry, just re post it and I'll get it within the next day. For now I have a new YouTube guide here. Hope you all had a good league and looking forward to making build guides for all of 3.10 :)

The new meta boys. The new Galvanic Arrow, previously Shrapnel Shot, is the true big brain play. With two additional arrows built into it we will be able to get fairly solid dps alongside the Barrage Support, which gets better per additional arrow. On top of all this Galvanic Arrow has a unique line that allows increases to our Projectile Speed to apply to the AoE of the skill. By stacking Projectile Speed we can get the Lightning Cone to cover half the screen. This gives us really good damage as we can overlap both the Arrow and Cone damage from Galvanic Arrow while not needing to be touching toes with the boss/enemies.

Galvanic Arrow is flying heavily under the radar and to me seems like it will be a really fun, unique, sleeper skill that people haven't paid much attention to. We have plenty of Unique options to choose from to change how this build will scale our damage. This also keeps it a lot cheaper as we aren't heavily dependent on any one Unique. Our main source of damage will be Physical Damage converted to Lightning, as well as Cold Damage.

If you want to see the build in action, or prefer video build guides over written then the best place to do so is on my YouTube links above/below (my one moment to sell out). I also check this forum daily so if you have any questions, build related or not, just leave a reply and I'll respond fairly quickly. If you are big brain 500 iq and find someway to improve the build let me know, I'm not perfect.

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/aziire

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7vLIcfmXcyxst2uhc9woSg

- No Gem swapping thanks to new Barrage Support
- Huge AoE Cone as we get near Maximum Projectile Speed
- 7+ Arrows easily achievable
- Many different options for Bows and Quivers
- Under the radar skill with unique mechanics
- Tailwind makes you feel like the flash
- SSF Viable, a lot of the uniques we use are mega common

- Standard Build designed with lower life
- Hasn't been tested so theory craft could be a bait
- More mechanically dependent, I've been flamed before for not making mindless tanks
- Won't scale as well as some other bow skills as the numerical damage just isn't there

- Should sit at around 80% Chance to Shock and Freeze (Not full Shock)
- Herald of Ice Curse on Hit setup is op clears and provides Power Charges
- Spare 6L slot which we can use for a mega juiced Aura Setup (Overkill)
- Keyboard warrior mode with a bunch of Buffs and Pots
- Pierce everything thanks to Ascendancy and Projectile Speed/Pierce Clusters
- Big range which is further buffed with both Long Shot and Far Shot

- 4.3k Life, nothing to boast about but not horrific either (in my eyes)
- Vaal Pact to give us absolute fatty Life Leech
- Roughly 50% Evade Chance
- With Buffs up we are at 75% Attack Dodge and 74% Spell Dodge
- Offense is Defense when Cold Damage is involved. Freezing Enemies saves our ass most of the time

I've designed the build around Level 90, as that's what I aim for as a Build Guide Standard. I have a Level 100 Tree, which mostly just consists of extra Jewel slots and Life. If you are following the tree in Path of Building, then you can simply go to the bottom left to switch to the levelling trees I have created. Level 100 is purely Luxury but there just in case.

For Levelling I used Toxic Rain, as it is tried and tested for early levels. Getting to Blood Aqueducts in Act 9 is a lot faster this way and we get all the Respec points we need from the mandatory quests. I'll go more into detail about how I level in the Levelling Gear section.

Alira is our Bandit of choice. The Crit Multi and Resistances are just so good, helps squeeze out more damage on rings etc as you aren't as needy for Resistances. Eramir is also a good choice as Passive Points are so nice.

Level 21 Tree: Click Here | Progressing through Act 2 | Help Alira

Level 34 Tree: Click Here | Up to Dominus

Level 45 Tree: Click Here | Up to Act 5 Kitava | Should have your first 2 Ascendancy Points

Level 63 Tree: Click Here | Up to Blood Aqueducts | Should have 4 Ascendancy Points, Respec points from the Level 45 Tree and switch to Galvanic Arrow

Level 75 Tree: Click Here | Up to Maps | Should have 6 Ascendancy Points

Level 92 Tree: Click Here | End Game | Core Build Done, Should have 8 Ascendancy Points.

Level 100 Tree: Click Here | Luxury Tree | Finish off the tree with some extra Life and Jewel Slots to help finish it off


TLDR: Tailwind > Far Shot > Endless Munitions > Powerful Precision

For us choosing an Ascendancy was fairly straight forward as we are aiming for one thing, and this is Projectile Speed. Deadeye is the only Ascendancy in the game that provides this, and so the choice was simple. A man of commitment.

Tailwind gives +1000 Evasion Rating while you have Tailwind, if you've used a Skill Recently, you and nearby Allies have Tailwind and 10% increased Effect of Tailwind on you for each Skill you've used Recently, up to 100%.

We take Tailwind first as the increased Action Speed is super useful while levelling. Considering we are spamming some sort of movement skill we have this up almost permanently. On top of that the Flat +1000 Evasion Rating is also really nice for lower level characters.

Far Shot simply gives us 30% increased Projectile Speed and the Far Shot effect. Far gives our Projectiles More% Damage based on how far the Projectile has travelled.

Getting both 30% Projectile Speed for our Arrows, and 30% Increased AoE for our Cone is two birds in one stone here. In order to get the overlap damage that we are aiming for we need to grab Projectile Speed wherever we can. This goes hand in hand with the fact that we have both Far Shot and Long Shot.

Endless Munitions gives us +200 to Accuracy Rating, 50% increased Area of Effect and Skills fire an additional Projectile.

Having an additional Projectile is gorgeous for Barrage, which people seem to be sleeping on. In this build Barrage should theoretically Double our Arrow DPS. The Increased% AoE is nice for our cone and the Accuracy just means we don't have to level our Precision as high.

Powerful Precision, Projectiles Pierce 3 additional Targets, Projectiles have 100% increased Critical Strike Chance against Targets they Pierce and Projectiles Pierce all nearby Targets.

Taking this last is best as we won't really need such huge Pierce until we are in End Game maps. Having it is a really nice addition though, and helps our Galvanic Arrows tear through whatever boss we are fighting. Bonus Critical Strike Chance just helps us with our Shock and Freeze Chance.

For your Major God you want to either choose Soul of Lunaris or Soul of Solaris. These are both super solid options and just depends on whether you want to be mapping or bossing more. If you think you won't fuck with bosses then take Lunaris, otherwise take Solaris. I personally use Lunaris as it helps when suicide running into packs like a lunatic, which I do frequently.

For your Minor God your best bet is Soul of Shakari. Reduced chaos damage is a nice quality of life, especially once upgraded as you are then Immune to Poison.

Gems are truly outrageous. Thanks to the new Barrage (Support) we no longer need a single target, so that frees up a huge chunk of gem space. I chose to throw a juicy 6 Linked Aura setup, but this is super overkill and we can easily trade two gems out for not much of a loss. Sprinkle in your standard CWDT and Utility shit and we good to go. For the Awakened Gems always use them in replacement for the normal version of the Gem. Example: Awakened Added Lightning Damage Level 1 > Added Lightning Damage Level 20. Getting as many of these in the build as you can is the dream.

Galvanic Arrow > Barrage (Support) > Elemental Damage with Attacks > Inspiration > Added Lightning Damage > Hypothermia

This setup is actually incredibly versatile and has a bit of everything. If the mega meme of having a huge Cone doesn't clear very well then we will need to Gem Swap Barrage Support with Greater Multiple Projectiles while mapping. Inspiration helps lower the Mana cost of our skill while
also giving us really nice Critical Strike Chance and Elemental Damage.

For the 6th link I choose Hypothermia however there are heaps of good options. Mirage Archer is a fun one as he will blast alongside you. Lightning Penetration is also huge as you will notice the only mobs that stand a chance are those with big Lightning Resistance.

Herald of Ice > Herald of Thunder > Curse on Hit > Assassin's Mark > Wrath > Enlighten

Don't have Herald of Thunder and Enlighten until you aren't a baller. These aren't a huge loss to us, but was just fun to meme in a 6L because we had one spare. Other than that this is your generic Power Charge generator. Using the Herald of Ice shatters to Curse with Assassin's Mark.

If you are blessed enough to get your hands on an Awakened Curse on Hit then replace Herald of Thunder with Elemental Weakness. This gem will be busted, and mega expensive. The ability to Curse Enemies Twice with no real downside is actually nutty.

Cast When Damage Taken Lvl 8 > Immortal Call Lvl 10 > Summon Lightning Golem Lvl 10 > Increased Duration

We like to keep these at a low Level as we don't have a huge Life pool ourselves. As a rule of thumb I like to keep my Cast When Damage Taken threshold at around 1/3 of my Maximum HP. I've also had arguments that Steelskin is better, but when I did the quick math on it it didn't seem to be the case unless mega low life, even by my standards. We chuck our Golem in this setup because frankly we all forget to summon the bad boy otherwise.

Withering Step > Vaal Grace > Blood Rage > Increased Duration

Buff boys rolling out. Due to being a 1 button hero we may as well throw these guys in here. Beethoven your way through maps and get fat defense and speed while doing so. These aren't super necessary, so don't stress about getting it all setup before you have the links/time available. Withering Step is incredibly useful and basically feels like another Quicksilver. On top of that it gives us extra Defense and Offense with the Elusive buff, which expire when we blow up the next pack.

Ensnaring Arrow > Ballista Totem > Precision Level 3 > Blood Magic

Ensnaring Arrow applies movement speed debuff on the enemy as well as a debuff that increases the damage they take from Projectile Hits. This is a really nice thing for the bosses and helps hold them down.

Just level Precision until you get 100% hit chance. For me this was Level 3 at Level 90. It doesn't really start to impact your health until you hit double digits, which we definitely do not need. We use all this in a Blood Magic setup as it saves the awkwardness of running out of Mana.

This is some of the biggest budget gear I have ever used. Due to hunting for %Increased Projectile Speed our build ends up being fairly cheapo, while still having really solid stats. There are multiple options for bows which each diversify the build a bit, giving us a really nice variety. Get all our mandatory stuff like capped resistances and some maximum life where we can and then go hard on quick Galvanic Arrow memes.

For all the gear options I will embed a Path of Exile Trade link so that you don't have to go search yourself and you can instead just open the link for what you need. These are set to search in Standard Temp Leagues so if you are playing in a different League then change it in the top right. Using these when searching for Rares can be confusing at first as I use a lot of filters to find cheap but good gear. Read the section carefully and hopefully I have explained it well enough for people to find what they are after. Please respond to the forum if you have found anything confusing at all and I can explain in further detail.

Levelling Gear & Guide:
Before I get into the Gear I will just give a quick overview of how I level a Ranger. This will be followed with a super in depth video series, but that will a week into the league or so.

First off we want to level using Toxic Rain. We do this as the skill will damage Enemies while we can keep moving. We get this at Level 12 and have links in priority of Toxic Rain > Mirage Archer > Faster Attacks > Void Manipulation

Other useful gems are Herald of Agony, Arctic Armour, Smoke Mine, Blood Rage, Decoy Totem. Slot these wherever you can when you have them available. Focus on looking for links that you need, and trying not to stop while moving.

The Gear I Levelled With:
I will put my gear I hit Aqueducts with here. (I forgot and no longer have my gear :c)

Recommended Gear:
First up we will have a look at our Bow options. My personal favourite and the one I will be going for in League is The Tempest. This bow will be extremely cheap compared to the other alternatives as this one isn't as meta. On top of that it also happens to be the best for us damage wise. We are immune to Physical Reflect as we no longer do Physical Damage, and we have a really nice Attack Speed. The other three options are Death's Opus, Quill Rain or Voltaxic Rift. These are all really solid options and have different benefits. Quill Rain has the benefit of having huuuge Projectile Speed increases, which increases our Radius by 5. The only downside is that the Less Damage when combined with the Less Damage from Barrage will probably be a little brutal. The price will also be jacked up due to everyone trying new Bow gems. Death's Opus damage is practically identical to The Tempest, just take whichever is more cost effective. Voltaxic with its new bonus to Shock is super interesting, and could make our Cone hit a lot harder. Overall go for whatever fits your budget best, these are all viable options. Due to how available these are I would almost never choose a Rare Bow over them.

With Bow options come Quiver options Hyrri's Demise somehow escaped nerfs so this remains as the ruler of quivers for us. For more expensive but quirkier options we have the Voidfletcher which fires off a Voidshot whenever fire Arrows and have a Void Charge stored. This is a really fun one, rolling through Shaped Toxic Sewers and a million different arrow types flying out of you is cool. For mega mega expensive/difficult to obtain we got the Maloney's Mechanism which will trigger whatever Bow Skill 3 Link that we have set up inside of it. Don't expect any of the latter quivers to be a build standard, I my self will be taking the cheap and easy route.

Hyrri's Ire even with the nerfs is still best in slot for us. It's damage is far above anything else. Not only that it also provides us with some Attack and Spell Dodge Chance and a massive chunk of Evasion Rating. A fun alternative to use would be Inpulsa's Broken Heart for mega clear memes. The Shock Explosions combined with Herald of Ice Shatters would be a visual asmr I can only dream of. I'll definitely be testing it out as an option throughout the League, regardless of how it's damage might pale in comparison.

To get good Resistances we will be going with a Rare Helmet. Fit as much Maximum Life and Resistance as you can on this beauty as we don't want to waste our slots. At the same time don't break the bank, hunt down the good deals.

Winds of Change, Thunderfist or Shadows and Dust are our options for gloves. If you want more AoE for our Cone take Winds, if you are wanting more Attack Speed/Lightning Damage take Thunderfist or if you want Rampage, Crit, Mana Leech then take Shadows. Build of diversity. Shadows and Dust are usually the cheapest, and provide the best bang for your buck especially as you save a passive point, and gain Rampage. I just use them in every build so I always try and peel away from it (I never can).

Similar situation as we had with the Helmet, we want to go with Rare Boots. Fit some %Movement Speed on them, 25% is enough, and then make sure we are squeezing as much Resistance and Maximum Life as we can.

Another cheapo option that happens to be perfect for us is the Karui Charge Amulet. Wildly available and gives us the juicy %Increased Projectile Speed that we are thirsty for. If you are playing SSF you should find a Pre-Prophecy version of this relatively easily, and then play the waiting game with Navali.

Due to the sheer amount of Elemental Damage we are doing our Best In Slot for the belt is none other than the Prismweave. If you can afford it try and get one with a nice corruption, something like %Attack Speed during Flask Effect. These belts are fairly common so don't be afraid to Vaal any you get for a potential upgrade.

The Rings and Jewels Section I will add post League Launch. When I have a better idea of how the skills damage will scale and have tested it myself. I will just be using Rare Rings with standard flat elemental damage and %WED, but I like having Weighted Sums setup for the guide. Nothing but the best for yall.

Harry Potter. You always want to make sure you have your staples Pls Save my Life Flask so we grab a Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching. The second pot which is practically in every build is an Atziri's Promise. This gives huge damage thanks to it being Extra Damage that is converted. No other flasks really stood out to me that much for this build so just grab a bunch of Utility Flasks. Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline, Diamond Flask of Heat, Silver Flask of Acceleration are the options I am taking.

The Gear I'm Currently Using:

Thank you for reading/following the build guide. Feel free to leave any questions/comments in the replies as I make sure to spend an hour every day responding to people. Also if you have made it this far, feel free to support me by Subscribing to my YouTube. Viewership helps me a lot, especially as someone who pours a lot of time into these guides. Have Fun :)
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Reserve :D
That's what I was waiting for, nice!
Think im gonna try your build as league starter!
Wanted explosive arrow but can't find any good build
Im going to be playing Galvanic arrow aswel, but im thinking of playing raider for some more evade and the immunity to ailments, gonna be playing ssf aswel :)
Remember to put an Ensnare arrow in a mirage archer or ballista support setup for 20% more damage and slows on enemies :D
Good luck :D

Meant to have it done much sooner but tried to get two builds done instead of one. It's up and running though, hopefully the theory madness pays off.


Let me know how you go! Definitely need feedback from people that isn't just my own.


Yeah Raider is a good option, I went with Deadeye solely because I'm committing to the Max Projectile Speed Meme. I totally forgot about Ensnaring arrow, will have a look at where I can fit it in. It's not %More Damage, it is %Increased. Still good though, and it has %More Slow.
Galvanic Arrow can Shotgun?

To a degree. The new Barrage Gem fires our arrows Sequentially now, meaning all arrows will hit the target. Where is when firing in a Greater Multiple Projectiles setup only one Projectile can hit at a time. Extra special in the case of Galvanic Arrow as each arrow we shoot casts our Lightning Cone. It gets spammed when shooting, and feels awesome to play. Still scaling Damage up and I will get some footage posted soon (just hitting maps).
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Hows the single target damage on this?

Single target isn't super hot atm, although still clearing early Atlas fine. Transitioning in Blood Aqueducts was really rough, definitely make sure you have Cruel done before you switch. Getting an Ensnaring Arrow > Ballista Totem setup helps heaps, just throw it down on the boss. Flat elemental damage is also huge, getting Prismweave was massive.

Will wait until I am further to decide on whehter I want a single target setup or not.

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