[3.9](Updated) Durimon's Purifying Flame Miner, Starter, Extremely Cheap and Crazy Damage

[3.9] Durimon's Purifying Flame Miner, Starter, Extremely Cheap and Crazy Damage


Geez... Monsters are way stronger than before! It's possible to one-shot them with 3000 hp but seems 3000 hp is not enough for most of people. So, I decided to upload fully upgraded version of PF miner that I am using now.

This league, hp based miner build has limited capability, getting killed often even by t16 yellow monsters. And, the highest hp you can get for sabotuer is only 5200, which is not enough.

So, LL is necessary to pull out more than 8000 es when invested more in the future.

Current version one-shot t16 meta-boss with buff skills and chained detonation.

Also, you can simply swap 2 gems, one ring (and rare jewels if needed) to play Ball Lightning Miner build, which has better dps)


One-Shotting T16 Meta-Boss:


POB: https://pastebin.com/zqfwiXsq

Cheaper One-Shot Bosses Version with 4900 hp

This is for those who does not have enough currencies to move to Low Life right away. This one kills most meta-bosses one shot and does fast mapping, BUT not good for survivability due to low hp. I recommend you to switch directly to LL ver. saving currencies since it can pull out more than 7000 - 9000 when fully geared or switch again to CI with very good wands.


T16 Full Run + One-Shotting Meta-Boss :


Budget : 4 - 5 ex maximum

POB: https://pastebin.com/VkvV6U1H

Cheaper HP Gear


And, 4 rare jewels with 7% increased maximum life + % global physical damage / crit multiplier for fire skills


Yeah, I am back...with UPGRADED ANGER toward GGG.


I consider this a war declaration and I am telling you clearly now:


If you make monsters stronger, I will make my mine build absurdly strong enough to one-shot most of them. Then, you will finally realize how pathetic new 3.8 mine mechanics.

Here's my first project miner build for 3.9, GGG.


This build can clear 3.8 t16 maps very fast (one-shotting monsters and decent speed of bossing) only with 6 link tabula. Yeah, I said ONLY with tabula, which means WITHOUT ANY WEAPONS...YEAH BARE HANDS. (refer to vid attached here plz)

Also, 4 link armor with purifying mine related gems put, this one can clear t16 maps very fast and does OK-Speed Bossing.

Since many of you already know how strong my build, 3.8 Durimon's BL Miner,is, it'd be best understood by comparason: PF Miner has about same or slightly higher dps when compared to BL Miner.

One thing you should notice is that shaper mod weapons got nerfed badly, which means you will find a hard time to maximize BL Miner dps when you reach a certain dps level.

Contrarily, PF Miner does not rely on "extra chaos" shaper mod. Instead, it plays well with "% of physical dmg as extra fire dmg" which did not get nerfed at all. You can still look for shaper based sceptre/wand/dagger to maximize dps.

Other than shaper weapons, there are so many weapons and rare mods that boost up PF mine's dps without any difficulties.

Honestly, I do not know how strong updated monsters are gonna be in the new league, but PF miner is one of the highest dps build when in low budget. So, If this one cannot one-shot most of monsters, that means other builds also cannot.

I am sure I will update this build guide after the league starts and I see how the updated monsters and bosses go. Please keep checking this guide if interested.


1. Tabula + No Weapons (bare hands) Fast T16 Minotaur Run:


2. 4 Link + Just cheap 2 rare wands Fast T16 Minotaur Full Run:


*Sorry about Non-Eng. language :)

POB: https://pastebin.com/pAuGNxV9


1. It's all dumb new mine
2. Yeah, new mine
3. PF itself has high dmg and it's every easy to scale (phy, fire both)


1. Insane DPS
2. Cheap (30 chaos is enough for 3.8 t16 maps)
3. A bit safer to run map than BL Miner due to consecrated ground PF mine creates - Thinking of Miner's HP rely solely on regen, this one is huge + (hack machina gloves...)
4. very easy to upgrade dps, then defense.


1. No regen maps -- NO!
2. Sudden Unlucky One-shot - Don't be greedy, it's the beginning of the league without a single chaos.

Gem Setting

Coming Soon (Refer to POB for now)


Coming Soon (Refer to POB for now)

Passive Tree





Lunaris - Gruthkul or Shakari

Level Up Guide


Icicle mine turned out to be still pretty ok for clearing act in 3.9. Choose one that suits you best.

Final Gem Link: purifying flame - blastchain mine support - added fire damage support - mine field support - trap and mine damage support - Combustion (I will decide which one is better for newly changed monsters and bosses, Fire Penetration vs. Combustion, after the league starts. But, for clearing act you simply need more dps, so combustion is better)

Get or Buy these gems through quests while clearing acts, and put somewhere on your gear to lvl up even though you don't use it yet.

-PF mine Version-

Confirmed : Monsters are not so strong as I thought be4 the league started. Invest Passive Tree Point to Avatar of Fire is not necessary anymore, although it does not change much in early stage of the league when you have no currencies.
Just get nodes in 3 instead of 2 (AF) in the picture of passive tree above, but make sure you get AF be4 you start end-game maps.

PF Miner's dmg boost mostly comes from skill gem itself. So, make sure you get minefield support in act 3 and increase no. of your socket in armor first. These will make you feel dramatic dmg increase.


Act 1

stormblast - added lightning damage - onslaught or added cold damage

After caged and enemies at the gate quest: purifying flame - blastchain mine support - added fire damage support - onslaught or added lightning/cold damage

Act 2

purifying flame - blastchain mine support - added fire damage support - trap and mine damage support

Herald of Ash

Get skitterbots and don't turn it on. Just lvl up because your mana is low.

Act 3

skitterbots - infernal legion support

purifying flame - blastchain mine support - mine field support (Fairgrave Quest)

Turn off herald of ash if you cannot handle low mana problem, but leave it in a socket to lvl up.

When done with Fixture of Fate quest, grab or buy fire penetration support gem

Act 4 - 5

cast when damage taken - immortal call

purifying flame - blastchain mine support - - mine field support - trap and mine damage or added fire damage support (make sure you upgrade quality of blastchain mine support and minefield support first. It will lessen the delay after one throw.)

Keep trap and mine damage support or added fire damage support (either one that you don't use) in a socket so that it gets lvled up.

Act 6

If you get 5 link armour : purifying flame - blastchain mine support - added fire damage support - mine field support - trap and mine damage support

6 link : purifying flame - blastchain mine support - added fire damage support - mine field support - trap and mine damage support - Combustion (I will decide which one is better for newly changed monsters and bosses, Fire Penetration vs. Combustion, after the league starts. But, for clearing act you simply need more dps, so combustion is better)

Act 7 - 10

No skill gem change.

-Icicle Mine Version-


Since icicle mine is very convenient and fast in clearing acts, you will use it until the end of all acts and you reach lvl 70 to change gear and gem setting for my build.

Also, for maximum speed, those who do Ice Shot Miner will spend refund passive point and a few orb of regret if needed after you reach lvl 70. (Don't worry about Refund Passive Points because you will naturally get about 10 points and more than 10 orb of regrets while clearing acts. You don't need to do extra quests for that.

Finally, you will ignore all other quests except for main quests and Lynth. trial quests for ascendancy until you finish clearing all acts. It's faster and safer to do quests that give you skill points and for ascendancy when you are in higher lvl. Clearing act with icicle mine does not require extra buff from ascendancy passive skills because it is strong enough.

To check the important extra quests you should get after clearing acts, type the below on the chat box and enter:


And then, press U to find the name of needed quests and do it.

Act 1
1. Receive Storm Blast Mine from Nessa for the reward of killing Hilcok

2. Start clearing MAIN quests until you reach lvl 8. Don't forget to pick up items with 3 links.

3. When you reach lvl 8, find any 3 link wand, scepter or any items (either from vendor or from drops) with 3 links and put Storm Blast Mine as follows:

Storm Blast Mine - Added Lightning Damage Support - Swift Assembly

Defense Items: Just pick up drops with high hp and res and wear them. What is important here is weapon. Don't worry about defense gear.

Unique Defense Items that help:

4. Get Quicksilver Flask from drops (or Mercy Mission Quest reward) and Flame Dash (Quest Reward: The Caged Brute, or buy it from Nessa after the CB quest) This will boost up your moving speed.

Act 2 - 5

1. When you are done with Act 1, go back to Nessa in Act 1 and get icicle mine for reward. Change Gem setting as follows:

3L: Icicle Mine - Swift Assembly - Trap and Mine Damage Support

If you have 4L item,

4L: Icicle Mine - Swift Assembly - Trap and Mine Damage Support - Pierce

If you are rich enough to have Tabula,

6L : Icicle Mine - Swift Assembly - Trap and Mine Damage Support - Pierce - Added Cold Damage Support - Hypothermia

Required Gem Setting other than Icicle Mine:

Summoning Skitter Bots and Herald of Ice (Act2, Intruders in Black Quest reward and verdor)

Other gems you should be equipped with for final BL, FB, or Ice Shot Miner:
Refer to "Gear" above and check the gems required.
As you clear acts, check vendors or pick up those when dropped and be equipped with them in empty socket. Then, you will save time lvling up those gems later when you change your setting to one of my builds.

2. As you clear acts, keep upgrading weapons(wand/scepter) with following mods:

% Increased Spell Damage

Add # to # Cold Damage to Spells

% increased Critical Chance for Spells

% Increased Cold Damage

(The more number of mods and higher number of each mod it has, the better dps it generates)

Defense Gear:

Don't worry too much about it. Just get high hp and res ones. Without those, you can still clear act 2 - 5 fast.


If the following flasks get dropped, pick it up and get the required mod on it by using orb of alternation:

Diamond Flask (mod: immune to freeze)
Sulphur Flask (mod: immune to curse)

(the mods do not have to be on the flask listed. Just make sure you have those two mods in any of two flasks you use. Also, you might not get the mod easily by rolling one or twice. In Act 2 - 5, it is not urgent to have those flasks. Just check drops and roll when you think plenty of orb of alternation. You can also buy them from trade if you cannot stand freeze and curse.)

Act 6

1. Now you need to care about defense gear a bit. Check your resistance number and get fire/cold/lightning resistance near 75% maximum + high hp from your defense gear.

2. Talk to Lilly and do her quest. You will be able to buy all gems in poe from Lilly after getting reward from her. Buy all gems needed for one of Durimon's Miner builds you would like to play later and lvl up while you do act 6 - 10.

3. Buy Immortal Call and Cast When Damage Taken from Lilly and put them in linked sockets. This will help you survive.

4. Do not forget to upgrade your weapons when you feel a bit slow. The higher dps you have, the faster you clear all acts.

Act 7 - 10

1. You definitely need a mod on your life flask:

Immune to bleeding

Either roll it or buy it from trade for safer run.

2. Flask Setting:

Life Flask, Mana Flask, Diamond Flask, Sulphur Flask, Bismuth Flask (assuming that you are lazy changing gear with high res. :) )

3. Sorry to repeat, for faster act clearing, don't forget to upgrade your rare wand/scepter with the mods I listed above.

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Looking forward to a leveling guide. plz soon
The damage its just absurd man xD
This seems really good lol any good, two handed unique staff that will work with the build? Purity staff?
Impressive Build.

I will give it a go for this league. :)
"I've never done a mine build, sheesh I should really find one that's a good budget build"

Watches video

Well I'm sold.

I can't wait to see the leveling guide to make life easier!
can we make LL/CI?
I like running mine builds - this one looks very different to what I usually run with mines.
I'm switching to this as my starter! Might be a bad call, but it looks real fun! :D

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