[3.9] Arc Miner - HP Start to Low-Life transition explained! League start friendly!

5L with shavs will breeze through maps , it may be a little harder to kill metas strictly with arc though .
Got a 6L and added Minefield into my Pyroclastic Mine setup, but didn't notice a significant improvement to single-target. Switched to Ball Lightning (with Minefield), and noticed some slight improvement, but nothing major. Swapped out Minefield for Controlled Destruction, and noticed a massive improvement, shredding tier 16 metamorphs in just a few seconds. So, will recommend that.

Not sure if it's that Ball Lightning is better than Pyroclastic Mine, or if Minefield is just really bad for single target, but probably a bit of both. Will be testing out Pyroclastic Mine with something else instead of Minefield next. Will need to also test out Elemental Focus over Controlled Destruction, and I imagine some of the Awakened gems (especially Added Lightning) will be even better if I ever acquire them.
Hello i have build the same build but my dps is way lower of your and i dont think i have that bad of a gear if u can check my prof and see whats the problem
ImTheories wrote:
Great build, I made a few changes but followed this at the start of league. I'm cruising through t16 bosses/metas. Currently at almost 81k arc h/o dps and 8k es.

Here's my paste bin: https://pastebin.com/8ynjXKid

Here's my current gear

Liked your build so I'm trying to follow it best I can. I'm getting ready to fight Sirius for the first time. Did you change up anything for that fight specifically? Any other changes that you've made since this post that you thought helped your build?

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