[3.10] The Perfect Ice Nova | Hierophant | 30m+ DPS | 12k EHP | All Content | 1100+ Delve

You're still extremely undergeared and low level (not to mention you have empty sockets in your chest/belt). Work on getting levels for your passives, your gems, and get your 6L pledge ASAP. Once you get some damage, it doesn't really matter how fast bosses move, because your novas cover enough area to kill everything really quickly.

thx appreciate the response. Yes, roger on the gear, i just slapped the cheapest gear to get going and understand the build (and re-run the 1st lab to change ascendancy).

I have 12ex saved up from previous character. Does this look like a reasonable plan to get started:
- 2.7ex on a Pandemonius
- 2.5ex on a 6L Pledge
- 2ex on watcher's eye with 10% clarity MoM
- 70c on Glorious Vanity (guide says 1-3ex, but looks way cheaper than that, unless i'm missing something)

Leaves me some currency to see where to go next.

Do you see any other priority I'm missing

Thanks again
Priority order for you:
1) 6L pledge
2) Start leveling an Awakened Added Cold if you can't afford a lvl 5 (huge power spike)
3) good Glorious Vanity (may require you to play swap meet a bit)
4) Watcher's Eye
5) Pandy

As for me, I'm in a dilemma. Trying to decide between these two Farrul's that I made:

I honestly think the +2/+2 is better than the 6L with white sockets, but would take input.

EDIT: Never mind, I'll just stick an Empower in the 6L and it's better.
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Thanks man, I already went ahead and got a 6L Pledge, Pandy, Watcher's. I haven't reached the passive tree node for the Glorious Vanity (2 more levels)

I didn't realize the awakened added cold damage was such a power spike. I bought a lvl21 Vaal Ice Nova, which was cheaper than a lvl21 regular, is there a reason?

Never used a Timeless Jewel, you seem to imply they behave differently? How can I tell?
You get 0.5% AOE per quality of Ice Nova, so if your Vaal Ice Nova isn't at 20%, it's not worth it.

You want your Glorious Vanity to be "sacrificed in the name of the Doryani" or whatever, and it will have a random number seed as well. Each seed number behaves differently for nodes in the radius of the jewel socket, so you will have to search around a bit to find one that works for you. If you read this thread, you might find some good seed numbers and may be able to find that number on the market. If not, you'll have to buy one, test it in the two spots that work for this build, resell, and buy another.
OK great, thanks for info. My profile is public, if you take a peak and have a last recommendation on next gear improvement, I'm a taker!! (I know I definitely need a better ring)
T1) Buy and start leveling Awakened Added Cold ASAP; can't stress this enough. The gem becomes fantastic only at level 5, which will take you some time.

T1) Anoint your amulet with Heart of Ice; huge QoL boost.

3) Craft a helmet with high life and -9% cold res to nearby enemies; it's an easy craft and will boost your damage a lot (you don't need to worry about the ice nova enchant).

4) With Frostbomb, the helmet delve mod, and Hiero ascendancy, you get enough cold res pen/shred that frostbite is outclassed by assassin's mark, so that's the curse you should have on your ring.

5) Your passive tree is a little weird. You're missing out on a bunch of nice staff nodes on the left side.

Other than those, keep making equipment/jewel upgrades when you can.
Why are we using an evasion chest piece? Aren't we giving up thousands of energy shield by doing so?
Highest Character: Level 92 86% Block/Static Strike Champion - Abyss League
I get bored of the grind around 90, probably won't ever get a higher character.
We don't take much in the way of %ES nodes on the tree, so flat ES from equipment has very little scaling.
Got it, good call on the passive tree, i think i got interrupted while respeccing into it, and somehow didn't finish it properly.
thx for all the tips!
Hey, I was following the guide, and I beat Sirus, thank you.

Question i want to ask about, is the gem for Pledge of Hands. In 3.8, you use Cold Penetration, but in 3.9 you replaced Cold Penetration for Intensify. Can you explain why you replace Cold Penetration for Intensify?

Cold Penetration should be good for high resistance bosses, plus it's very consistent damage, while the Intensify requires you to stand still.

Sorry if this is silly question, but I want to know more about that part.

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