Conquerors of the Atlas Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

Well done!
nice...cant wait
Item Filter Information
Base Type Changes
Rune Dagger Rune Daggers
Warstaff Warstaves


How are we supposed to write a filter rule with this that matches "Daggers", but not "Rune Daggers"? I thought whole point of the naming for these new classes was to make sure we can write filter rules for them?

Filter Debugger:
hexadecima wrote:
Somewhat more on-topic:

1. Any clues as to how to filter for the new item influence types?

2. The passive tree information doesn't include oil triplets. It would be a great boon if we didn't have to do data-mining to correctly represent the new notables.

i also wondered about this, kinda poor information here :/

but in case you want the new bases to show you need to add;

HasInfluence Crusader Redeemer Hunter Warlord

i wonder what else is gonna be hidden :/

Base Type Changes

Rune Dagger -> Rune Daggers
Warstaff -> Warstaves

That's plain dumb.

/edit: As I'm fixing my filters and basically wasting time, I'm wondering if I'm mad at the person that failed to see that all the classes are in PLURAL in the first place, or the one that decided that yeah, we gotta change it now for consistency.

I hate you both.
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What about the new item influence types? I don't see any filter options for those.

Someone, plz?

HasInfluence "Crusader" "Hunter" "Redeemer" "Warlord"
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