Conquerors of the Atlas Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

Great ! hype !
2 days left
First thought...

For all these new items we will need a new stash tab. Or maybe not?

Second thought...

Why is the passive skill tree always changed?

We Convoke Nebular Dimensions
As Real As The Realms We Ride
With None Above
And None At Side
If we add the line;
BaseType "Awakened"

That will group all awakened gems and not add in anything else, as well as automatically update once new awakened gems are added.

Is that right?
Fragment of Enslavement ...

Sounds promising ^^
I see the PLUS gems were renamed to Awakened? Well played GGG. Well played ;)
miam miam
AbsinthSvK wrote:
Torguemada wrote:
AbsinthSvK wrote:
so another ton of new item forcing to buy more stash.

Nice clever free to play system but every league its harder and harder to play "free". :D

Its free game but hard (annoying, not fun) to play free.
New free stash every year would be great. ;)

Or you could just support the game by buying few stashes.

That why i say its clever system. For start you dont need to buy anything. In end game you simply must buy something.

But it starting to be ridiculous how many items is in game, and its basically junk, but worth collecting in long term when you have a lot of stashes.

Its about 35€ to not to be annoyed with this system.

Not really, quitting and stop whining is free (stash tabs are way cheaper tho)
good in global except craft, adn some nerf item , cant wait try new ballista.

PS : HOPE YOU INCREASE DROP MAP because if news atlas are red and we have not the map , = we cant play
Path of exiles future looks awesome :D:D Best arpg out there!!!
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