Content Update 3.9.0 -- Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

You can no longer roll Chance to Maim and Maim Support modifiers on two-handed maces.

Raider? Raider! RAIDER!!! :(
How You doing?
Boss League!

Looking forward for it.
wup wup
Who Are We? Where do we come from?
thanks for the fun, goodbye.
Nerfs, nerfs, nerfs. So pathetic. Was hoping for something positive from this after the manifesto, but nope.

Volatile Dead
Now has a limit of 60 Orbs.

This is so counter to what Path of Exile used to be about. You make fun skills, and when people actually use them, you make them impossible to have fun with. Only you, GGG.
No fun allowed.™
welcome back to the arc meta boys
give elementalist her prolif back... it was all she had left

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