Development Manifesto: Balance in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

I think changes are AWESOME .. I am not a streamer, I do not play 24/7, heck, I have barely time to play at all, but all this entitled whining about not being able to crush every endgame content in seconds with formerly broken stuff, or whatever go to build they had I find just ridiculous.

And this whole "1-build-league" whining is just stupid. people just flock to whatever is new and fresh and hyped, in no way does it mean that it's the only thing viable.
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Upforsale wrote:

And this whole "1-build-league" whining is just stupid. people just flock to whatever is new and fresh and hyped, in no way does it mean that it's the only thing viable.

No one suggested that there was only one viable thing...they suggested that new content being overtuned made competing pointless, unfair, and was lazy on part of GGG for not even logically attempting to pre-balance and then tweak content to begin with...

...last I checked half the damn server population using minions caused server issues for everyone else, and then they basically walked into mounds of income when "other viable builds" had to deal with disconnects and less income as consequence.


Dropping a nerf league on the players during Christmas when there are other options for gamers is a dumb business decision. I'm not going to spend my holiday fixing builds.

How about taking the federal reserve approach? Incremental nerfs. Up the boss health this patch and see how things are after a few weeks. Then maybe up the resists and phys reduction later if needed, rather than dropping a nerf bomb.

BrendanW wrote:
PathofMatth wrote:
Think about it before asking...

"Does multimod with 3 mods INCLUDE the mod itself?"


The idea is to get rid of the 1 billion horrible reddit post about 2 stat items that are multimodded and supposed to be "impressive".

Crafters should rejoice as their skill and knowledge will FINALLY be rewarded, far gone are the days where you could alt spam into 2 stats and make a "godly weapon" with multimod and 3 crafted mods.

Now, it's 3 mods minimum + multi + 2.

3 Mods STILL allow you to alt spam + regal, but you need to hit a regal, you can't just annul the bad mod and go on.

This is crafting, just like before annuls.

Crafters didn't die for this, crafters are about to have a gooooood time.

its cool and all for the people with 100 exalts to craft an item but for people that dont play 24/7 this is fucking shit

As if casuals had the currency to make multimods anyway.
I think the point is to bring back "Good drops" instead of just crafting the best weapon ever with little effort.
You shouldn't need to make a multimod in the first place so it doesn't matter what it costs.
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KillerFit wrote:
I Gotta ask GGG HOW are Zombies too strong?

I have NEVER made a Summoner before,and made one last week!

45ex Inverstment gave me 6 Zombies at 220 000K dps each!

6x220 000 dps is 1 320 000 Dps.Since WHEN is 1.3 Mil dps "Insane Damage"?

Oh,you meant the 150 Ex Summoner builds?If thats the case,well GGG you are either trying to get rid of the majority low end builds in the game,or you are trying to have a game which consist of the top tier 1% Builds and Players?

In any case this game loses integrity with the old players like me for example on that Basis!

Ding Ding Ding!

The nerfs are almost always directed at the level of currency involved in min/maxing the build. The 150ex builds will not be affected nearly as badly as the cheaper less expensive builds.

Ice Golem and Fire golem builds have been around forever. They do millions+ in DPS. They haven't been nerfed because they generally have been fairly expensive. The cheap minion builds made possible by the new minion skill gems are getting nerfed hard. The expensive minion builds that use 10+ primordial jewels and lots of +skillgem gear aren't going to be hit hard at all.

GGG has been doing this forever. Poet's Pen builds were nerfed. Hierophant Totems. All the cheap builds that allow casuals into the end game got hit hard in the past.
Most changes looks reasonable to me but I'm very dissapointed about the multicraft mod change. :(

You know it was fun to be able to make your own item with your own preferences without relying on the RNG so much. It was expensive and it also cost you 1 suffix slot. However it always gave me sense of progression towards archivable end game goal. Of course it is still possible to create your own item - with the gambling. But there is already so much gambling and now things got less accessible again.

I've been playing the game for quite some time and never really got to the point when I would spent 10 ex on an item craft. Having 2 ex means being rich to me. You can call me a bad player but the thing is that I was never really interested in trading and pricing stuff (work). I love building my character, experimenting with the game mechanics and fighting monsters. Unfortuantelly game isn't very friendly towards players like me unless I spend insane amount of time in the game.

Anyway make things more accessible in the game is a good thing. That's why multicraft mod was so popular.

So yeah...
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Well, it had been fun to multimod shaped/elder stuff; time for something new, I guess.

Changes are good, but it is important to balance reward and frustration. Too much of the latter will force people away. If the alternatives to multimod are overly difficult to obtain, even if they are relatively more powerful, players will get frustrated with the extra grind and leave. It is a risky move to implement this in the league over xmas and New Year.
Overall not bad but i feel bad for fortify builds . But i gues if they hammered cold/chaos scaling on bows they had to kill the axe to :))

Oh well atziri and starforge will be 20 ex again =))
nskLantash wrote:
Nytmaer wrote:
I'll still play necro. You can't stop me ;-;

Skele summoners are probably laughing pretty hard right now, seeing as how they're basically untouched :D.

Spectre nerf seems a touch harsh, bu-ut i've not played spectres in 3.8 so idk if it's a really big deal.
Zombie life got hit pretty bad though.

That's because skeletons are basically a spell with a skeleton MTX which scales off minion damage instead of spell damage. Have to cast them at each pack and also need corpses. So playing with them is just like casting spells. You can't autopilot AFK with them like you can with Zombies, Spectres (and Golems).

SatosPoE wrote:
crashbashl wrote:
Nytmaer wrote:

The only thing taking it away would do is let more people hit 100. Why?

Why not?!
80% of the time you die because of disconnects, lag, crashes, freezes, desincs...rubber banding...frame drops, stutterings..and so on...all because if this shitty game engine that they use.
And you are the one punished for that by losing XP when you die?!
Ahaha what a joke.
XP loss in death must be eradicated.

^ This.

Most of my deaths are lag related, and one hits from off screen.
80%+ is seemingly accurate.

Although, I haven't really been stressed about not hitting 100...or tried to hit 100 really.
I just don't like dying because of laggy bits.

I never hit lev. 100 and prob. don't, not impossible buuuut tooo much grind, hoping for stable server, good rota party without MTX-s and tons of free time, most ppl cant spend so much time per league. But we don't have to, lev. 98 is impressive for POE standards and lev. 98 can melt everything. Now you can fARM UE WITH LEV. 90- EASY, ON BUDGET. Pure mechanical fight. I kill tons of them (no cel. h/o tho, ggg help me xD) Balance is needed, shifting meta is good work plan i understand that and it is not bad at all, playng with different ascendancy is always fun and fresh. So, enjoy in game, nerfing is a tradicion here, there will be always alternative to cheese the game if you want. I just wanted to say POE is still great game and real beauty is that GGG will never nerf the game in a such way that we players cant turn that in our benefit and continue to cheese the game like we wanted. P.S. Sorry about my bad English, i'm from Serbia and i believe you will understand. So leave penalty alone it have a good place here. lev 100 is jut for flexing not a game changer. nothing wrong to flex with thing like that, but just sayn, we can bring nightmares to UE also at the4 lower levels. P.S.S. Disabled guy reach lev 98, you have my respect!
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