Development Manifesto: Balance in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

Incarcerated wrote:
No, it absolutely should not be providing people with perfectly rolled items 1 week into a league.

Multimoded items with 1 "real" mod and 4 crafted mods are not "perfect" by any measurement. They are somewhere between mediocre and decent, depending on a build and item type.

While I agree that Multimod items are certainly not perfect. Labeling them as mediocre to decent is definitly an understatement aswell. Multimodded items especially weapons are definitely toptier.
Firelight101 wrote:
everyone getting really pissed about the nerfs to darn near everything and buffs to mobs, jesus ladies and gents you just got advanced skill gems that have increased the power of EVERY BUILD. FOr crying out loud, they have to buff things to keep things stable with regards to those. ANYTHING that gets buffed this league will be even bigger due to those. Multimodding nerfed? great how about the EX that gives certain mods playing into this. Lets make sure we keep things in the holistic mindset of the game is making a metric shift towards specialization of items, including currency mods between fossils and spec exs. Things change, Adapt.

Because everyone will get the plus gems to max level ... just like everyone makes it to level 100 right ??? Nice logic there mate. Maybe look up all the information before making wild assumptions about ballance.
ImPump wrote:
my wife is definitely not coming back after this one

Worth it.
Curious how many leagues untill GGG reverts most of these changes after they get the data. Because data seems like the only thing they ballance by.
DarkenX wrote:
phatschtuff wrote:
All these tencent bot created accounts, saying same absurd sh1t under every nerf note:





makes me want to puke ... apparently tencent want to make sure so people would RMT even more on their "side" websites ;-)






Is that bot enough for you or do you need more? :D

some people act like little kids :)

- ahhhhh - plz don't nerf it coz im casual and I can't play more then 2 hours per day;
- ahhhh - plz nerf it more coz pro player here and I can play 24/7;
- ahhh - plz don't nerf it coz I bought mtx;
- ahh - melee unplayable, bow unplayable, casters even doesn't exist. Literally nobody will be able to kill Hillock this league :D :D .

So many kids... . GGG is like mom and dad. They know whats better. They buff and nerf things since 2012. Normal thing.

When this game was created in 2011 one of the main ideas was that game will be very hard. Not another Diablo where you start season and 2 weeks later its done. Difficult enough that only a few will be given a taste real end-game or hit high level.

Specifying... I'm casual player and for me endgame is not killing Uber Elder. For me endgame is just achive red maps in HC and do 12 maybe with luck 24 challenges. I don't even think to kill Uber Elder because I know I can play max 2 hours per day.
Endgame content will not be a real endgame if casual players like me will be able to do it.

See yaa on weekend
Nerfpocalypse, they nerfed pretty much every playable build :D what am I gonna play, no idea lol
arc buff, noic
Nerf all you want, will find a way to break game one way or another.
Challenge is fun. Making all content trivial is fun too. For multimod, done extact 1 when dropped base with multimod, plz drop price to 1 ex if you take number of mods.
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