Development Manifesto: Balance in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

**** shit.. why continue to nerf melee? also why nerf multimod are u serious? no sense, mods from bench are not t1 so also if u do full crafted item is not so much strong.. also the nerf to fortify and unshattered is stupid, yes it's possibile to do immune build but is so much specific, so much spcifics item and zero dps build.. so is a build for little bunch of players...

thanks for continue to ruin things...
All my builds:
All good changes for the game, Keep it up GGG.

Thank you for making this game,
Shadowstorm wrote:
"Arc, Soulrend, Molten Strike, Shattering Steel, Lancing Steel, Venom Gyre and more have been buffed. This is a buff."

Are they trying to convince us of something? Why did they repeat the fact that it's a buff?

Have a read through the last 30 pages, clearly they should have put it in bold and capitals for everyone who missed it.

I like the changes, good mix of buffs and nerfing of things that were way to over the top. Clearly there is a lot of doom and gloom in this forum though as we have no idea how much things have been nerfed, for all we know instead of killing uber elder in 10seconds with your zombies while naked except a 6 link weapon, it will now take 12seconds with no danger.
DomzyPrivs wrote:
I hope GGG understands that slowing down the game by buffing monsters, nerfing fast skills, and buffing slow skills, does not increase how long someone will play the league. Build variety and freedom increase how long I personally play. Not being pigeon-holed into some slow clunky build because that's what GGG has decided for this league.

Most of us aren't streamers who can play the game all day everyday. Many of us have jobs and families. So please stop balancing around the streamers and people who can play 12 hours a day.


I was think the same...GGG+Tencent want to keep people more in leagues be lowering the dmg and buffing the mobs and bosses...that wont happen for sure..."forcing" people to stay more in league wont make the league more succesfull...but i doubt they have minimun iq to get it.
With the current changes and both Violent Dead and Flesh Binder gone, Zombies will most likely be worse as both supports or main dps than the pre-3.8 version.

The proliferation of zombie builds was actually due to the Baron being one of the very few ways a summoner can sustain reliably besides chugging flasks (which has been a problem for a very long time). A quick check removing the Baron and some support 5-link zombie setups (such as Hungry Loop) from the items used shows that without it zombie-centered builds are pretty underwhelming in terms of dps even at the higher end of the spectrum.

Vastly exaggerated build guides in the Necromancer forum with fake / inflated POB dps / survivability numbers from people looking to boost their Youtube channel or begging to receive Patreon funding should not be the basis for balancing and development.
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I'm starting with Explosive arrow ballistas, probably chieftain.

How bad can it be, eh?
GETTOto2 wrote:
Belzak55 wrote:
Reading these developer manifestos makes me miss the good old Diablo 2 days, where games didn't needed to have countless balance patches that never made the game more balanced... back then, games like Diablo would be released and devs only worried about fixing bugs or stuff that was clearly broken, and guess what? Those games are still fun to this day, so this whole nonsense of "balance patches are needed to keep the game alive and interesting" is just bullshit from fanboys trying to justify the mess that GGG does each time a league starts.

Which leads me to ask: What's the point of these balance patches, other than just annoy and screw your player base? You have been trying to "balance" this game for nearly a decade, trying to make the game "better", but all you're doing, is covering holes by digging other holes around them... shifting the meta is not making the game "balanced", but instead you're just giving players a placebo, making they believe the game is now in a better place than it was years ago...

I really wish developers would just focus on improving their games by adding content and fixing bugs, instead of going in this endless chase after a game more balanced, because all you're doing, is making the game less fun to play, while you pretend you're reinvigorating your game once every 3 months.

Keep chasing after that carrot, GGG... But remember that you've been doing this for nearly a decade already.

Thing is the game is still growing, more players are coming and alot of players are coming back every league so yes the changes do reinvigorate the game.

And as for d2, that's 20 years ago, gamers more than what they wanted back than, balance patches aren't to "balance the game" their purpose is to "balance the experience", to make sure that people don't play the same thing all over again every league, because that's boring and most would leave.

Balance patches work by flipping the meta and making players incentivised to play different builds.

Btw, if you still want to play the same build every time, that's not a real problem because you can still do it and it won't be very hard tbh, just not as easy as it used to be.

And if you hope that devs focus on adding content than you are very lucky, cause guess what, YOU ARE GETTING A NEW ATLAS, with new features and new bosses, plus more skill gems- wow, more content.

Enjoy :D

Balance patches should not be specifically flipping the meta and I highly doubt they would say that is their goal. A balanced meta is way better than a forced meta and almost all people would agree on that.

They said themselves patches are meant to increase power of stuff left behind and reduce power of the easiest and most powerful things.

it just Happens to flip the meta, it's not part of their intent, so you are talking out of your booty.
Those shock/chill effects should build up instead of (still) being solely damage dependent and then decaying slowly when you stop hitting. That way you wouldn't need a different ruleset for bosses vs other mobs.
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Multi-mod up to 3 crafting modifiers. Does the 3 include the multi itself

It has to include it. Otherwise it's not really a nerf if you can still max out with 6 mods on a 2 mod rare.
So this is Bow league ?? :))

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