Reworked Bow Skill Gems in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

TS is only good for white maps and maybe some low level yellows unless you get it to have +3 at least extra projectiles. And getting that (ench on helmet, quiver + ascendancy ) is not for the feint of heart. But yea, it's strong for completing the story, so nerf is justified, while ice shot is actually cheaper and easier to build, but yea, it's not like devs play T10~T15 maps, watching a 200EX build is just as good, because it's been raining currency for everyone. Even if cards stopped clogging the game and currency started to drop, chance of making a good TS build for casual player is like chance of getting an exalt to drop.


I gave up on TS long time ago.
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The new ballista skills seem fine, but summon skeleton mages is still very similar in concept but 10 times better.
I wonder if the Galvanic Arrow cone will shotgun when used in the star for bombard shape with the new support gem. If yes, that could make it real good for both clear and single target with enough Projectile Speed.
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I am so hyped about Explosive Arrow rework!

But how will Pierce work with the new version of the skill?

Currently it only leaves a charge on the initial target correct?
Will that change?
I would guess that after destroying TS and SA they will give us something else OP. Usually is what they do. Anyway I dont care, I like bow builds but in boss league doing bow build is kinda stupid imo. They lack defense, mainly life, they cant be CI or Low life... so does not match the changes they focus on and league which is boss league.
I'm so happy we're finally getting a bow rework.
codetaku wrote:
Why do you need longer than 3 months to "invest in your character"? Either because you can't build a character in that time or because you're obsessed with trivializing the game.

Building a character that's essentially done with, and trivializes, all of end game in a month is sooooo fucking easy, you have no idea. I do still think you're in the category of people who simply don't have time for the game. 80ex isn't that much.

I'm going to let you reflect on what you've said here, and the idea that no-one could possibly enjoy different things to you.

SaiyanZ wrote:

The only expensive items seem to be legacy quantity boots and gloves. If it is truly worth 80ex then it's not a good investment if you barely play. You would need to play for a few hundred hours to make up the cost of going with those magic finding items and it seems like you haven't done a fraction of that or all your items would be much better. So the quantity items just end up hindering you because they take up spots of other more useful/interesting items.

You've never built a MF character, obviously. The cost shocked the hell out of me, too. The current price of the items could easily be determined with a few searches if you're interested. 80ex is pretty budget for an MF build in Standard - and I had the gloves myself from before they were legacy. That character can't do red maps even, it was built to farm Burial *Chambers.

My /played is 70 days or so. When I do play, I play a lot, but in short bursts due to the continual changes. I've played on and off since beta. It's a great game, I just wish they'd leave Standard alone and stop screwing it up with League changes. If they did that, it would be much more compelling for me. As it is, I can't justify investing in it anymore - either time or money.
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im not so sure. i was actually hoping for more. since so many TS builds are using point blank it seems a bit of a moot point to add this. but i didnt play much TS, so maybe im wrong.
t0lkien wrote:

That character can't do red maps even, it was built to farm Burial Grounds.

Burial Chambers?
guidom1980 wrote:

Burial Chambers?

That's the one.

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