[3.11] Frost Nova Golementalist | All Bosses Down | Great Clear | 9k EHP | Golem Buff Stacking |

In a lot of boss fights where there aren't many adds to refill flasks, i find myself not being able to do much when i use all my mana flask charges. Is there any way to work around this?
Yes, drop aqueous accelerant, and pick up essence extraction. This way you will have passive mana flask regeneration/
Actual solution - use watcher's eye with "Gain a Flask Charge when you deal a Critical Strike while affected by Precision"
Edit: never mind, I guess?
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You gonna update the build in 3.10 ? want to give it a go
I'm also looking to league start with this. If you find the time to update it might be interesting to see which notables you'd choose from the new jewels and especially which nodes you would be dropping. Otherwise I will be posting here with my findings. Thanks either way for the guide it looks like it will be fun to play.

EDIT: I had a (very) quick look over the notables and obviously primordial bond sticks out. Also voices unique jewewl could be pretty good for the jewel slots. I guess I'll just build out normally first then respec with regrets once I get anything that might be worth it.
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What about awakened added cold damage in the place of hypothermia? At level 5 it gives a ton of damage.
Adding a comment here as well but I am actively working on updating this guide. There is a link to an update video at the beginning of the guide.
Just finished updating the guide. Now time to work on the video should be up next week. I will put out a gameplay video this weekend before the guide comes out!
I'm thinking about trying this out, but have a quick question. Why do you put awakened spell echo in your frost nova setup when you already have greater spell echo from the staff? I'm guessing they're subtly different or stack?

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