Integrating Blight into Core Path of Exile

Please remove temporal chains and reflect mods in maps. I doubt players enjoy being so slow and being reflected. About the new content - idc much. I am enjoying mindless grind at few spots and getting good gear for the late game. You rush too much with new content every league. Slow down a bit before you burn out. Personally i never did Incursion, Delve, Bestiary, Legion or any of these. Also you didn't balance the current classes but making new. You know the best, but if you keep listening to divas this game wont last long, considering there is competition incoming.

Edit: Btw, bought new PC last year specially for PoE and it's the only game that makes it make strange noises. Im not sure if it's the SSD, CPU or GPU, but it doesnt sound good... I tested a lot of games and PoE is the only one causing this.
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Great News. I liked Blight a lot.
I think the only problem with it was performance issues for some people. Luckily I was hardly affected by this. And since I played it with a computer two years old and a 16Mbit/sec connection i think the requirements are not too high.
I was hoping that Blight would be integrated, because next league I'm planning to use a Quad-curse/Soulrend Hybrid Chaos witch and the oils can help me get one of the notable curse passive I need more easily.

Also I would love if we could branch out from the locations of the notables we reach with the oil annointments. That would be so nice.
Hope Cassia's singing will be removed, I would like to unmute dialogue volume
Good! Although frustrated at how insanely low the map drops have been I look forward to it going to core :)
Blight being integrated is really cool. I enjoy the mechanic a lot.

Oils being rarer than they already are is really rough. I would like to see the higher quality oils have increased drop rate due to the low chance of seeing a blight encounter in the first place. Also, make is so that in higher tier encounters we see the rarer oils drop more often than low tier ones. A T15-16 blight encounter should have no oils below azure or violet dropping.

Thank you for your work! I'm sure everything will work out in the end. :)
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The worst league i've ever played. Not a single league has caused this much lag/unplayability as blight did. Garbage drops, non existing blighted map drops, melee eating sh*t as usual, fps butchering, taking 20 years to start and finish the event...These are some of the issues that blight currently has and will continue having i'm sure of that.
Really glad to hear Blight goes core BUT please think over it and make Cassia a new Master. Our Hideout will be more live filled with NPC´s (i love that)
We can get 1 Blight Mission per day 100% and .... tons of new Hideout MTX from Master level 1-7, maybe some blight themed decorations ?
But overall thanks for it GGG, keep going.

BTW, maybe let Cavas return (Synthesis) as a new Master too in a way like Zana, you can meet him in a map where he offers a choice of Maps to enter which contain only Sythesis mobs, which then can drop fractured items.
Let him hand you the Synthesiser as hideout item (like the crafting bench) where you can synth the items then.
No memory fragments, no collapsing areas, just seperate maps you enter with Synth monsters only.

Specialy with the new skill gem system on poe2 some synth items can be really strong as crafting bases.
Natalia_GGG wrote:
Once you reach Maps, Blight encounters will spawn in 10% of map areas you enter.

This is exactly part of why the game's struggling to retain players. Y'all keep a constant torrent of content, and players have little to no control over how they encounter it.

This whole "10% of map areas" garbage is something no player likes; it's nowhere NEAR enough to be able to make up an appreciable amount of the time spent mapping (let alone specifically farm) and simultaneously is still an ever-present chance that is JUST high enough that it will persistently intrude upon other players' gameplay when they don't want it at all.

This "10% rule" is the worst of both worlds; it won't please those that loved Blight and want to do nothing but, nor will it please those that are playing a non-Blight-specific build or just plain don't want it.

And TBH, keep seeing GGG do this, time and again, with nearly every single league mechanic goes to show that when it comes to the grander vision, the company's become creatively bankrupt.

I mean, there's a few alternatives that could've made players a deal happier with how it worked:

  • Blighted maps are the only source of Blight; they drop exclusively from bosses, (10-25% chance) while blight encounters are never seen outside of blighted maps. This can let people purposely avoid the content entirely, though it doesn't help people exclusively farm Blight without constantly buying Blighted maps.

  • Blight is exclusive to one or a few specific map bases. Outside of the correct base, (e.g, Infested Valley, possibly others) normal blights cannot spawn, but WITHIN the relevant maps, the content is guaranteed. This makes encountering Blight content 100% deterministic. Some might complain that it'd elevate the value of one map above others of the same tier, but these people apparently forget that "Burial Chambers" and "Lair" exist.

I personally favor the latter solution, for two separate reasons: for one, it's the only way I can think of to, simultaneously, keep the content to a narrow slice of the game, AND both satisfy the desires of those who wish to play it as well as those who wish not to.

And for two, it fits with a theme I really wanted to see the Atlas go: making each map feel unique. A big problem right now with the Atlas is, with 135 map bases... So many feel like just a reskin of each other; they're narrow, winding paths filled with monsters leading to a boss fight (which may or may not have an arena) you just nuke down instantly anyhow.

For a type of content labeled the "atlas of WORLDS," it'd be nice if each map truly felt like a "different world," including some variety in gameplay/content. We SORT of approach this a little with how GGG rolled certain bosses in. (e.g, Lighthouse, Iceberg, Shipyard, and Acid Caverns giving us the Redwind, Mutewind, Brinerot, and Renegade warbands respectively)

Since there's now a LOT of leagues with content, GGG should be able to shift things around so that a great deal of maps have something specific to them that players might want, so there's something more than just "pick the most-linear map with the card drop you want."
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Great news. Despite all performance issues, which can be considered beta-state league, it was the best league I ever played.
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