Integrating Blight into Core Path of Exile

oh no!

i didnt like blight,
but well, so be it then...
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Well, can't say I care much about blight, but...

The lagging blight will also get harder now. Probably the " Necro Elitist's " whined again that it is too easy for them...

AND DON"T FORGET that mobs are gonna be fatter by default since as I recall at the exilecon they were talking about boosting monster HP in 3.9.0 in addition to now making the blight encounters harder. So it is a buff on top of a buff. Best of luck with blights.

Anyways, nobody is stopping me from skipping it, which I'm gonna most likely due.

Congratz for those who liked blight. Thank god I don't care about this league and didn't play :D This was literally the first PoE league I skipped.
Stupid PoE2 Particle System Patch...
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Blighted maps are the most fun single encounter i've seen in PoE. I'm glad you are adding them to core.
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I am happy that GGG recognises blight mechanic as problematic on consoles. They still have quite a bit of performance polish to do, especially since the release of 3.8.2d(b?) latest patch where the blue screen crashes started to frequent to Legion league levels again. I mean not being able to clear a blighted map not because you died but because you blue-screened 6 times in a row is plain gutwrenching.

DistantBliss wrote:
This sounds like the choice to add it to core harms you in some way.

here we go. "yOu cAn sImPlY iGnOrE iT" squad of shit eaters are always here to back up any bad developers design decision.
dead game
bring back 3.13
Thank you! Blight is awsome. Sad people will compare every new league to Legion and expect currency overload instead of judging it by mechanics.
so no master with daily mission despite being a league that has a master?

unlike breach and legion and such..
generally dangerous
All of you that dont like blight.

Just invete me when map is clear and i will do all your blight. 😃😃😃😃 a pure win win i say 😁😁😁
SppokyVega wrote:
And will Stash Tabs be updated for Oils? 12 kind of Oils with limited stack size. Where to store this?

In the currency tab where you can store 5000 of every oil in every slot?
Xystre wrote:
now I'm guessing you havent figured out what causes 3.8 memory leak that somehow was fixed in 3.7?

Oh, I almost forgot. So when will the excessive memory usage/leak be fixed you have admitted yourselves? You forgot about that already?

We didn't :D Is it gonna be fixed with Conq+Meta?
Stupid PoE2 Particle System Patch...
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