Integrating Blight into Core Path of Exile

Unfortunately, my character was too slow for blight and sometimes I went down because I did not find my curser on screen XD

If I wanted to level fast and needed currency, I've been in delve so far.
Now i can do that with blight too!

Both are fun:)
Oils are inherently going to be more rare than they were before because you're encountering Blight content less often.

Then please guarantee at least an opalescent for every encounter in a map over tier 13. Having used one golden for challenges, I have yet to farm up another 3 of them. Literally haven't used the main gear mechanic for this league due to how prohibitive the drop rarity is. After all, it takes 177147‬ clear oils to make a golden.

Ignixioum wrote:
Use of blight unique's are incredibly low, as finding one is hard to do.
At least I couldn't find one without having to buy it from someone who has.
so I never got the chance to theorycraft around a blight unique during the league.

OMG! I completely forgot there were blight uniques! I'm not kidding when I say I haven't found a single one and had to buy gloves to get the challenge.
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rewards granted at high levels

what rewards are you talking about? there have been none !
I am so happy that Blight comming to core. Thanks !
I like the idea
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Nice that it is staying as optional content for people that like it, but the way it is added is a bit whack...

-Blight maps now a higher drop rate than they had during league???
-Oils still weighted drops so they are even more gated than currently and completely useless for SSF.
-Blight uniques also hardly if ever dropping is a bit of a pity.

Can't you make cassia one of the new masters? It is content a certain playerbase enjoys and would like to keep playing i think.
I barely played 1month this league but still got around 20-25+ Blighted Maps.

Sadly they were lagging so much that i got 0 enjoyement to played them...
I though it was because i was running more than 70 minions so i tried with some CoC and cyclone builds, same issues, not a single FPS fixe the whole league for those blighted maps.
(And it was clearly not an hardware of connection issue since i got a short ping, ssd and decent computer running game like Lost Ark or BDO fully.)

But having 500+ mobs spawning every minutes, with dozens of towers casting fireballs in AoE 5screens away on areas you can't even see, Blighted Maps are really badly designed.

So sadly having those added like Legion and Breach will sadly reduce their spawn rate (for the 2 good ones) for something not polish enough to be playable...

Also it would be nice to design challenges more ssf friendly, because thing like dropping Silver/Golden Oil, Blighted Uniques when you have 1% chance to drop maybe one of them during 200h of play... its still ridiculous (i mean sure i can just swap in trade league in the end like i did and rip some Exalt for this, but this doesn't sound like an achievement, ...)
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Tainted_Fate wrote:
imo the worst league i've ever played.
and they are integrating this utter garbage to the core.
game's quality is going downhill, cant believe this kind of freaking tower defense gameplay past any quality control. i mean this was the worst league in terms of players retention, that should tell a lot unless someone is blind.

nobody cares about my opinion, so i'll vote with my wallet. i wanted to buy core supp pack and usual two new league supp packs + one new core pack. now i will not. -4 supp packs for you, ggg.

and, of course, "yOu cAn sImPlY iGnOrE iT" squad of shit eaters are always here to back up any bad developers design decision.

This sounds like the choice to add it to core harms you in some way. Mind telling me how? Cause you sound just angry without giving any valid reason beyond ''bad player retention''; how does that affect your gameplay experience at all?

If you wanna be angry; they changed the crafting system from grinding to completely uncontrollable rng of which they still haven't fixed performance despite promises to do so this year. Be angry at that instead of [Removed by Support]
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I am really happy it stays.

Exile Con has made me start yet another char in Blight. :)
This made me notice again that Blight encounters are quite a bit too short.
You never get to experience cool tower combos. 20% - 30% longer would be great for those who like the content.
Online delenda est:
When the lifecycle of PoE will draw to an end many years from now,
there needs to be a final patch making it available offline.
The chance of Blighted Maps dropping has been significantly increased compared to their previous drop rate.

Why wait? Do it now, and maybe you can save this league.
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