Integrating Blight into Core Path of Exile

Blight will not be present during the main storyline campaign.

Thank god I will not see this bit** until the atlas. Although it would be better if you removed the blight at all.
It's time to introduce some "Generic League-related Shit" stash tab, hehe, to hold all these crappy oils/vials/upgraded cheatstones and everything else that falls into "1x1 size shit which is pain in the ass to search in your regular shash" category. Pixel currency tab isn't enough for that anymore.

As for blight going core, its nice for a poor SSF peasant like me to have amulet enchants and thats it. Improvised tower defence isn't that great IMHO and Sister Oh is an epitome of boredom.
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Im not a fan of adding almost every league content to core.

After couple years/leagues the game will be filled with content and it will became distractive more than anything else and it already feels like that sometimes.

I know I can ignore most of mechanics but still ..
GGG Patch Notes: "Fixed a bug where players actually wanted to play the game"
I mean the map mechanic was really boring but gave great loot thats it. Sure I finished 40/40 challenges this league but thats more because that the game in general is fun rather then blight being fun.

As I played storm brand only this league I will say though that high tier blighted maps was fun, even when I had enough damage to easily insta phase uber elder I still had to jump around very actively because you can only have 5 storm brands active as an assassin.

But blights problem all in all besides the terrible map mechanic was that there was no depth to the league mechanic, once I hit 40/40 I simply didn't feel like I had anything to do besides getting richer. Compared to the only other 40/40 league I did which was Synthesis where I had fun pretty much the entire league, was always fun trying to get som crazy implicit item or all the fun stuff one could do with the various memory pieces within the nexus.

Just bring back the whole synthesis because after the patch you guys made about 1 month into that league it went from annoying trash to the best league you have done since I joined the game in bestiary. Obviously modify the fractured items a bit since they won´t be nearly as common if you integrate them in core.

Im still regardless of this super hyped of the next league, the Conqueror fights looks promising and I love boss killing so hopefully metamorph will be a blast.
Please give Cassia a mute button. Her singing is actually painful and I shouldn't have to turn off all voices or sounds to not hear that horridness.

This! Mute button in UI of course.
Rothulean wrote:
This is honestly close to what you guys should have done while the league was more active. One of the (many) problems with this league was being unable to find Blighted Maps. =(

Not like players didn't report that every day.
I am very happy you are going to bring blight to core! Can't wait for that.
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I don't mind blight at all. Please don't nerf minions too much yet. Pretty please.
First up: I think the default blight encounters should be removed from game completely. People currently tolerate it because the rewards are currently pretty decent - I very much doubt this will age well.*

Blighted Maps should be the only source of Blight content in the core game. Tweak drop rates of maps and their rewards accordingly.

If Blight Encounters are going to become more challenging I think Proximity Shields should not be able to spawn at all.

I'm in the 99th percentile for damage with my chosen skill (Icicle Mine) and I can still very occasionally lose a pump if several blighted bosses spawn close to the pump (in combination with difficult map mods). Either blighted bosses need their hp reduced or they need to spawn further away.

That said, regular blight encounters are too slow. The speed-up button needs to do more. I can literally start a blight, hit the skip button, and proceed to clear a decent portion (if not all) of the rest of the map/boss and make it back to the pump before anything has happened. If GGG wants to slow the game down, they need to do it in ways that don't feel bad/boring.

*Legion - one of the most ridiculously rewarding leagues ever hasn't even aged well after 1 league. I know this is a blight feedback thread but I hate everything about the monolith mechanics as they are today. There needs to be an "unlock all" option.
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