Blight was a slightly divisive league, but not nearly as much as Synthesis or Bestiary, which were consequently not integrated into the core game in the form they were initially released in. After a lot of internal discussion, we have decided to integrate Blight into the core game on PC with the release of 3.9.0. For now, Blight won't be added to Core Path of Exile on console platforms due to some performance problems we need to solve. Our plan is to fix these problems and to integrate it.

Blight will not be present during the main storyline campaign. Once you reach Maps, Blight encounters will spawn in 10% of map areas you enter. Every encounter will drop at least one Oil or Blighted Map. The chance of Blighted Maps dropping has been significantly increased compared to their previous drop rate.

Despite the fact that Blight encounters now guarantee an Oil or Blighted Map drop, Oils are inherently going to be more rare than they were before because you're encountering Blight content less often.

Some feedback from players was that Blight encounters became too easy in very high level areas. Our work on endgame difficulty in Conquerors of the Atlas has certainly affected Blight also, so you should see an appropriate level of difficulty for the rewards granted at high levels.

Once you get a chance to play Conquerors of the Atlas, let us know feedback about Blight's integration and whether there's anything else you feel we should address. Thanks as always!
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This is honestly close to what you guys should have done while the league was more active. One of the (many) problems with this league was being unable to find Blighted Maps. =(
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Thx for update!
Awesome! Liked it a lot :)
Good to see amulet and ring enchants are staying. Shame about the cost of high end oils.
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Will the drop rate of the type of oil be adjusted? Guaranteed clear oil will still make anointing challenging.
enjoyed the blight maps and more difficulty?

Yay, 3.9 looks like Christmas early, bring us santa claus the Boss
Happy to see Blight going core, it was the second best league you guys ever did, after legacy.

But upping the difficulty seems silly, when the true issue always was the performance. Oils being more rare, I don´t like. It sounds like legion, where I have yet to gather 100 splinters for a fight and I have been playing all league long!

Had 5 breaches already, lots of temples and other former league encounters, but Legion just doesn´t exist and that was 10% as well with 1 splinter drop, if i am not mistaken.

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