Metamorph Supporter Packs Are Available Now!

finally back to the roots after all this iconoclastic eye cancer
WoW.... not my style at all ether... welp more money to use on conqueror of atlas packs i guess Shame to breake the chain tho :(
anyone had any clue if core pack gonna be changed as well for 3.9?
I really hoped for cute support packs.
But that armours..

What yove done with yr designers?
Vaaled em?
nice packs! I do wish the Eternal Damnation would have come with a portal, since the other came with wings. Character effect is kinda lackluster for this one I think.
when core supporter pack out?

i want physical items for christmas
Main Duelist
Just playing SSFHC only
Using Logout Macro?This will dishonor my whole family,so never!
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These are so nice, kinda regret buying the Sentinel pack now.
Thank you, GGG!
Sanctum has way better design. Damnation not so good.
Grand Sanctum!

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