Watch the ExileCon Livestream and Win Microtransactions with Twitch Drops!

nice! ty ggg!
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Christmas come early this year widepeepoHappy
my account says "Your account is eligible to participate in Twitch Prime Drops"
did i do something wrong or is that fine? in the announcement it didnt include "prime"
You mean I will get rewards for doing something I want to do on my personal free time?

... GGG ... :)
People who use twitch emotes outside of twitch should be banned.
Why did you do it?
We have x2 chance to get red eyes. They are absolutely no different.
Wow so this is really nice for folks who do not own those micros, and completely sucks for those who already own those or absolutely loathe that ultimate chaos set. Hopefully 4.0 will allow one to just give some of this shit away so it does not clutter up the mtx inventory, right?? *holding breath*

None of these are even unique to this being an ExileCon-won mtx it’s just the same things you had for years.
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