Path of Exile has teamed up with Twitch to bring Twitch Drops to the viewers of the Exilecon Livestream! Link your Path of Exile account with your Twitch account, watch the big announcements and as much of the livestream as you want and you could win awesome microtransactions, including the complete armour sets!

How to Participate

  • Step 1) Link your Path of Exile account to Twitch (see below).
  • Step 2) Watch the ExileCon Livestream this weekend (16-17 November NZT) at
  • Step 3) That's it! Simply by watching you'll have a chance to win every five minutes of view time.

Every five minutes of view time you'll have a 1.5% chance to receive one of the prizes which means it would take an average of 5.5 hours of view time to receive a Twitch Drop reward. However, depending on your luck, you could receive one much sooner! Each microtransaction has its own drop rate which will dictate which cosmetic effect you'll receive if you're awarded a drop.

To clarify: after every five minutes of view time, the system will 'roll the dice' and decide whether you've won at that time. If you have won something, it will then 'roll the dice' a second time to decide which cosmetic effect you've won. Each microtransaction has its own rarity and chance to be awarded. The microtransaction prizes and their rarities are listed further down this post.

Please note:
  • A Twitch Prime membership is not required for this promotion.
  • You can win multiple prizes per account.
  • Duplicates are possible.
  • Your chances of receiving a microtransaction do not increase by having multiple pages with the Livestream open simultaneously.
  • Twitch Drops will run on the ExileCon weekend, from 9AM until 5PM on Saturday (November 16th NZT) and 10AM until 5pm Sunday (November 17th NZT).
  • This promotion is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 accounts.
  • ExileCon Twitch Drops works only on our official channel and is not available on other channels streaming Path of Exile.
  • You'll receive a PM on the website to notify you when you've won.

Linking your Path of Exile Account to Twitch

  • Step 1) Log into Path of Exile website.
  • Step 2) Click here to check your Twitch Settings.
  • Step 3) Link your Twitch account or click 'update permissions' if you've linked your account previously. Once your account is linked or your permissions have been updated, this page should say 'Your account is eligible to participate in Twitch Drops'.

What You Can Win

There are 18 microtransactions available to be won, as well as 2 bundles (each of them includes an armour set, a weapon effect and a character/aura effect). These cosmetic effects range in rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Super Rare. Here are the odds of receiving a prize from each rarity.

Tune in to in two days, watch our big announcements live and win rewards! See you there!
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Grinding Gear Games
That thing... it slaughtered everyone. Help me!
Ad Astra Per Aspera
Cool! Can't wait.
Looks awesome! Thanks GGG!
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AI "art" isn't art, it's theft.
the bad thing is that i already have the full ultimate chaos set from boxes, the great thing is that i am unlucky and never gona get the rare things

My luck is garbage, but ill be watching!

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