[3.11] Melting Nova | 16m DPS, 6k life, acro/phase | Deathless Sirus A8

sephrinx wrote:
Is there an estimated cost to get this build up and running to a "good" level? I'm tired of my Bleed glad, want something new I've not done before.

can't say how much it is to switch now, I usually do it day 2 of league, 5ex would probably get you more than enough to be comfortable in red maps with prices as is.

TheNukes wrote:
Thinking about switching to this build from a standard cold Coc nova one. Are any of the new anomalous/divergent/phantasmal gems worth using? Any other important changes in Heist?

I like the frostbolt that returns, they don't come back the fastest but it is extra dps.
basically the best build i have ever made. Doing endgame t16+ maps, 83+lvl delve and bosses without troubles. Literally i invested like 10ex and its working flawlessly - but in my opinion its pure softcore build - unless u have a lot of money to make it work for hardcore :P
Switched over from the cold CoC nova version and I also like this one better. Probably also on something like a 10ex budget, and yeah, everything "melts" pretty fast and I'm also dying less than with the cold build (even with only 4.5k life).

My gear is a little different from what you guys are using though, stevie and Dee, so do you have any suggestions? In particular, I'm using Atziri's Acuity but maybe Vaal Pact isn't worth it?
Also wondering what you think about going CI.
Is this build still viable for the new league with the changes to gems and ascendancies?
ADEPT_ wrote:
Is this build still viable for the new league with the changes to gems and ascendancies?

I don't see why not - it was absurdly strong in Heist, and some of the first people to 100 in Ritual are using the cold version.
Hi i see Zealotry in your latest POB and no Skitterbots. Is this the best aura?

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