[3.10] Bashtart's HERALD OF PURITY GUARDIAN: cheap starter & endgame boss farmer with insane dps!

Hey all --

For the people throwing in a couple spectres into the helm (or wherever) -- What spectres are you using?

I doubt any offensive ones will matter without much support gems behind them.

I was going to grab the Stoneskin Flayers from Delve but I don't see anyone else mentioning them? They are essentially immortal tanks with built in taunt right?

Or maybe some apes to give our guys Frenzy charges because the ascendancy doesn't share the charges with them...right?
Offensive spectres need support yes, from the tree, or gems, or socketed gems have support in the head piece.So not worth it i think, thats why i want to use Stoneskin Flayers too, i dont think they have a taunt, use meat shield. Im using Towering Figment from Grand Arena in Act 4 right now they have huge hp too. They are just for taunt or share feeding frenzy, link to them and you can use other gem in the 6 link sentinel setup.
I noticed you can get L20 fortify on elder boots potential to free up that gem socket.
Great build, this is my second league with it and I've leveled up my character to 91 :) I'm using two cluster jeweles with rotten claws and pure agony and it's sick, I'm trying to figure it out which cluster we could use to inrease armour and maximum life, any suggestions?
How are you all keeping your specters alive? It feels like I need to attack minion health to it instead of meat shield or move stone golem and replace it with minion health?, because they just straight up die on a level 20 gem
Use Stoneskin Flayers from Delve.
Pretty fun so far.
But I have some problems with spell damage and 100% delirium maps.

What do you guys do against spell damage besides manual dodging? Its the only thing what oneshots me, everything else get mitigated with charges, reg etc.

When running a 100% delirium map i have problems to start the minions train rolling, because I struggle to kill mobs with my 4L BV.
Any tips? Maybe wormflask?

Thanks guys.
Get jewels with these modifier to improve survival.

Minions have #% chance to Blind on Hit with Attacks
Minions have #% chance to Taunt on Hit with Attacks
So what is the word on the best amulet anointment options?

I see Charisma listed. Is that really optimal? I don't seem to require any reduction in mana reservation running Herald of Purity, Pride, Dread Banner, and Flesh and Stone.

Some random minion damage mod or a random survivability mod? But of those, which are the best? Or is Charisma still the best entirely because of the aura effect buff?
I'm annointing Gravepact at the moment, the accuracy from the leading nodes isnt necessary to reach 100% but gravepact is still useful as it has great damage and you do need some accuracy for the minions

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