[3.8] Durimon's HOI Winter Orb Assassin, Crazy 2-3 Screen Ice Explosion, All Content

[3.8] Durimon's HOI Winter Orb Assassin, Crazy 2-3 Screen Ice Explosion, All Content

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DURIMON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwRtM1TEmxxyOJe968F5xtg?view_as=subscriber

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[3.8] Durimon's ONLY Ice Shot Miner Build Saboteur, 1 EX for Insane DPS and End Game:

[3.8 ] FACETANK EVERYTHING, Durimon's Poison Flicker Strike Assassin(Pestilent, Cyclone):

[3.8] (Updated) Durimon's Fireball Miner Saboteur, Fastest, 40C for End Game:

[3.8] Durimon's Bodyswap Totem Hierophant, Only 2-3 EX for T15 Blight, Uber Elder and ALL:

[3.8] Durimon's Frost Blades Berserker, Crazy Tankiness / 3M Shaper DPS, Deep Delve and All:

and so on...


In 3.7 league, Winter Orb (WO) got nerfed. One thing I was really sad was its reduction in attacking range. I could no longer run straight without saying hi to every individual monsters off the screen.

I wanted something WO with wide range of explosion that makes mapping even faster than before while not abandoning boss dmg.

So, I came up with famous HOI mechanics, which is frequently used in Auto-Bomber builds.

With high Crit chance from Assassin Ascendancy, passive and items, I could make HOI shatter monsters and see crazy range of BIG explosion (2 - 3 screen per one shot).

This build can clear T16 maps within 1 min. - 1 min. 30 sec. including boss.

It's very easy to clear T15 Blight Maps since one shot will shatter all monsters even in off-screen where you cannot see them. While standing near blight bosses, projectiles explodes all monsters near you and themselves.

Uber Elder is, as you probably know if you played WO in 3.5 / 3.6, piece of cake for WO.

Defense is a lot better than old 3.6 trickster version taking an advantage of elusive and high hp/es.

Delving 300 is no problem, but I guess you will need to change setting for deeper lvl.


T16 Hydra Map 1:30 run, T13 Blight Map Full Mod:


Uber Elder :

Coming Soon

POB : https://pastebin.com/NagVx35w

No! No! Map Mod

1. Ele. Reflect - No!
2. 90% Monsters avoid ailment - No Explosion
3. No regen. - Annoying!

Current Item and Gem Link


1. As for Watcher's Eye, you can grab a single mod with crit multi while precision
or cold dmg while hatred (much cheaper) or cold penetration while hatred or any other mods that boosts up cold dmg for this build.

2. Sythesis league ring is a core item that you must have. But, it is extremely difficult to find one like mine now. (reduced HOI Mana reserve / cold dmg %) Reduced HOI mana reservation is a must-have item for this build. Look for a ring with the mod and enjoy the build until you find a ring with 2 effective mods like mine in poetrade. Reduced Mana Reduction must be higher than 39% in the ring. You can divine orb one until you get 39% or 40%.

3. Rare crafted Scepter can have either "global crit. multiplier" or "increased cast speed" Both work fine, but personally I prefer the latter because it helps when killing high hp bosses a bit.

4. If you can afford one, plz look for shaper based helmet with +2% crit / innervate / increased aoe. These 3 mods help dps increase.








Lunaris - Shakari (with Posion Immune open)


15 ex ~ 17 ex

Eternity Shroud Version POB:


Eternity Shroud Version has a bit higher DPS for a single boss.

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Do you think dual void battery would work?

Yep I'm using Dual Void Battery + allocated Disciple of the Forbidden. You will not need a Diamond Flask then =)

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