[3.8] (Updated) Durimon's Fireball Miner Saboteur, Fastest, 40C for End Game

[3.8] Durimon's Fireball Miner Saboteur, Fastest, 40C for End Game

DURIMON TWITCH (LIVE): https://www.twitch.tv/durimon/
DURIMON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwRtM1TEmxxyOJe968F5xtg?view_as=subscriber

Durimon Style: Hack defense numbers! Killing mons Fast is the best defense!

Other Durimon Builds
[3.8] Durimon's Ball Lightning Miner, Fast, Strong and Extremely Cheap | Insane DPS for 30c Only:

[3.8] Durimon's ONLY Ice Shot Miner Build Saboteur, 1 EX for Insane DPS and End Game:

Similar to my first 3.8 BL Miner, this one kills monsters fast enough for you to survive well. Fireball clears monsters outside the screen as well, so you sometimes find it difficult to look for monsters to kill, lol.

Also, in previous leagues, Fireball's weakness was killing boss without a wall behind it. But, with new mine mechanics, you can have 23 balls hit a boss in sequence, dealing a lot of DPS at once.

This is my second "Bring My Old Mine Back" build in 3.8. Like I said in the first build thread, BL Miner, I really don't like new mine. My goal is simple and clear:

I show how 'pathetic(broken)' power new mine has so that GGG can think again and bring my old mine system back.

This build can do all contents without much investment. With only 30~40 chaos, you can experience the fastest mapping and fast boss killing.

ONLY 30 ~ 40C GGG! Are you reading this!?

POB : https://pastebin.com/3weh4p97


Fully Upgraded Versions (Defense, Offense and with Tremor)

1. Defense Version (6.3 ES + ES regen and leech + Insane DPS)

POB: https://pastebin.com/mtSFpGuh

Erm...This is Fully Upgraded FL Miner with Defense centered. Just see the video. I don't need to say more.


Shaper One Shot One Sec:


Due to how FL generate a single target, I decided to use hypothermia instead of GMP for UE. If you think it's got slower in mapping, switch the gem to gem for your convenience.

Also, with all flasks on, fire res gets the hightest in my POB. If you are not lazy like me, set fire res to be highest even without flask effects. This is for Wise Oak.

2. Offense Centered

Tick and gone... A few of throws without flask says bye bye to Shaper.


Shaper Tick and gone (Full Run):

Uber Elder, Minotaur, Guardians Melted:

POB: https://pastebin.com/SAQ21ce7

AOE is same as the 40c version, so with dying sun only, you won't have a problem in mapping speed. But, if you feel a bit slow, change hypothermia to GMP. For Uber Elder (only), GMP should be replaced by hypothermia for greater dps. You will see phase turn so quickly. :)

No problem of mana in the pob setting, but if you feel a bit inconvenient, change wise oak to mana flask. You have insane dps already, so it won't make a bit difference.

3. Tremor Version (Thanks to Lithum, one of my twitch viewers)

One of my viewers in twitch, Lithum, liked my builds and made a tremor version of BL, FL miner by consulting me about the build. You can play BL and FL miner without changing any passive tree and item setting. You can simply change aura gems and skill gems, and you are good to go.

This one has 7k ES, ES leech with energy shield leech support gem and machina, and high dps as well. Also, mana issue's solved greatly with new support gem, inspiration which also gives you a lot of DPS boost.

Since 2 crafted wands and 6L shavronne are expensive, this can be a very good solution for lower budget.

Refer to "Notes" section in POB for what to change for each build, plz.

POB: https://pastebin.com/S3RXSsny



1. I decided to use Zealotry + Skitterbot for Uber Elder. It's a little dps-up in actual game, but helps you get each phase turn a bit faster.
2. Followed by aura gem change, I also changed a few nodes in passive. Not a major change though.
3. I presented a new POB link with those changes applied.


T15 Mapping and Blight Quest :


Uber Elder with Tabula (3900 hp), 1 death and 1 more death on purpose (I just wanted to finish Elder quickly, and that's why I bumped into him at the end being sick of dodging):


And, more to come


1. High-impact aura buff - double damage
2. It is da fireball - fastest mapping
3. 20 to 23 fireball mines get detonated hitting one target - great boss dps
4. Blind from Corona Solaris wand - low life but you hardly get killed
5. a bit of dps increase and AOE increase from Wreath of Phresia - a Fireball explosion is big enough to overlap with other balls', faster mapping.

How much?

30c to 40c only (mostly +life 6L armor or tabula price (Someone says the wand price starts at 50c now...WTF...It was only 6c 24 hours ago... Well, I can make the build work even stronger in boss killing without it. I will upload another version of FB Miner without any core item when I have time. :) )

Core Item


Mostly because of permanent Blind effect (defense reason). Since we are using Corona Solaris which does not give us benefit other than blind, we use Phresia for a synergy effect (AOE, a bit of Damage increase) And of course, for bigger explosion, we need 2 Rolling Flame Jewels




Same as the get setup on each item in "Gear" section.
(ignore precision and don't turn it until you get lvl3 or 4 enlighten. Currently, you get only 20 mines laid without precision. whether to have precision or not is up to you. Also, if you don't like a short delay minefield makes, you can switch it to swift assembly until you you enlighten lvl up.)

My current gear (FP to Combustion, life armor)


Switched FP to Combustion. Other gems are same.

Passive Tree





Help Alira


Lunaris - Tukohama (or Shakari if you don't wanna be annoyed by poison)

Leveling Guide

Since icicle mine is very convenient and fast in clearing acts, you will use it until the end of all acts and you reach lvl 70 to change gear and gem setting for my build.

Also, for maximum speed, those who do Ice Shot Miner will spend refund passive point and a few orb of regret if needed after you reach lvl 70. (Don't worry about Refund Passive Points because you will naturally get about 10 points and more than 10 orb of regrets while clearing acts. You don't need to do extra quests for that.

Finally, you will ignore all other quests except for main quests and Lynth. trial quests for ascendancy until you finish clearing all acts. It's faster and safer to do quests that give you skill points and for ascendancy when you are in higher lvl. Clearing act with icicle mine does not require extra buff from ascendancy passive skills because it is strong enough.

To check the important extra quests you should get after clearing acts, type the below on the chat box and enter:


And then, press U to find the name of needed quests and do it.

Act 1
1. Receive Storm Blast Mine from Nessa for the reward of killing Hilcok

2. Start clearing MAIN quests until you reach lvl 8. Don't forget to pick up items with 3 links.

3. When you reach lvl 8, find any 3 link wand, scepter or any items (either from vendor or from drops) with 3 links and put Storm Blast Mine as follows:

Storm Blast Mine - Added Lightning Damage Support - Swift Assembly

Defense Items: Just pick up drops with high hp and res and wear them. What is important here is weapon. Don't worry about defense gear.

Unique Defense Items that help:

4. Get Quicksilver Flask from drops (or Mercy Mission Quest reward) and Flame Dash (Quest Reward: The Caged Brute, or buy it from Nessa after the CB quest) This will boost up your moving speed.

5. Passive Tree


Act 2 - 5

1. When you are done with Act 1, go back to Nessa in Act 1 and get icicle mine for reward. Change Gem setting as follows:

3L: Icicle Mine - Swift Assembly - Trap and Mine Damage Support

If you have 4L item,

4L: Icicle Mine - Swift Assembly - Trap and Mine Damage Support - Pierce

If you are rich enough to have Tabula,

6L : Icicle Mine - Swift Assembly - Trap and Mine Damage Support - Pierce - Added Cold Damage Support - Hypothermia

Required Gem Setting other than Icicle Mine:

Summoning Skitter Bots and Herald of Ice (Act2, Intruders in Black Quest reward and verdor)

Other gems you should be equipped with for final BL, FB, or Ice Shot Miner:
Refer to "Gear" above and check the gems required.
As you clear acts, check vendors or pick up those when dropped and be equipped with them in empty socket. Then, you will save time lvling up those gems later when you change your setting to one of my builds.

2. As you clear acts, keep upgrading weapons(wand/scepter) with following mods:

% Increased Spell Damage

Add # to # Cold Damage to Spells

% increased Critical Chance for Spells

% Increased Cold Damage

(The more number of mods and higher number of each mod it has, the better dps it generates)

Defense Gear:

Don't worry too much about it. Just get high hp and res ones. Without those, you can still clear act 2 - 5 fast.


If the following flasks get dropped, pick it up and get the required mod on it by using orb of alternation:

Diamond Flask (mod: immune to freeze)
Sulphur Flask (mod: immune to curse)

(the mods do not have to be on the flask listed. Just make sure you have those two mods in any of two flasks you use. Also, you might not get the mod easily by rolling one or twice. In Act 2 - 5, it is not urgent to have those flasks. Just check drops and roll when you think plenty of orb of alternation. You can also buy them from trade if you cannot stand freeze and curse.)

3. Passive


Act 6

1. Now you need to care about defense gear a bit. Check your resistance number and get fire/cold/lightning resistance near 75% maximum + high hp from your defense gear.

2. Talk to Lilly and do her quest. You will be able to buy all gems in poe from Lilly after getting reward from her. Buy all gems needed for one of Durimon's Miner builds you would like to play later and lvl up while you do act 6 - 10.

3. Buy Immortal Call and Cast When Damage Taken from Lilly and put them in linked sockets. This will help you survive.

4. Do not forget to upgrade your weapons when you feel a bit slow. The higher dps you have, the faster you clear all acts.

5. Passive:


Act 7 - 10

1. You definitely need a mod on your life flask:

Immune to bleeding

Either roll it or buy it from trade for safer run.

2. Flask Setting:

Life Flask, Mana Flask, Diamond Flask, Sulphur Flask, Bismuth Flask (assuming that you are lazy changing gear with high res. :) )

3. Sorry to repeat, for faster act clearing, don't forget to upgrade your rare wand/scepter with the mods I listed above.

4. Passive:

https://ibb.co/hyYR6hh (for BL and FB Miner)

For Ice Shot Miner, it would be better to get the build nodes to save refund passive point if you don't be bothered by a bit slower clear speed.)

(Sigh~) This is all I can squeeze out for now. Like always, I wrote in hurry because many people asked me for lvl guide. If you find an error and something that I omitted, please write in comment. Thanks!

More Durimon's Crazy Builds are comming soon! Subscribe my Youtube and Follow my Twitch plz. Just 1 sec. click helps me make "I want my old mine back" build series and other build series. Thank you!

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwRtM1TEmxxyOJe968F5xtg?view_as=subscriber

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/durimon/

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Which build would you say is stronger - this or the BL one?
sikker wrote:
Which build would you say is stronger - this or the BL one?

Each has its own strengths. BL Miner is stronger and faster in killing bosses but just 'fast' in mapping, while Fireball is super fast in mapping but just 'fast' in killing boss.

Both cost less than 50c, so I would recommend you to do them and find out which one fits to your taste.

Thanks for your comment.
unfortunately the wand currently starts at 50c, and has about 6 of them on sale
Somewhat off topic, but what do you think of doing a Gloomfang Magma Orb version? With a Chain support on it and Gloomfang, it chains a whopping total of 6 total chains giving it as much as up to 120%(140% with a level 21 Magma Orb as it'd grant +3 to chain) Gained non chaos damage as extra Chaos Damage. It's slower in clear than fireball, but has AoE, strong damage base, and even has threshold jewel to buff it too. I think it could hit a middle ground between Ball Lightning and Fireball for AoE and Single target.
Last edited by reciprocate on Sep 16, 2019, 5:50:50 AM
McHaals wrote:
unfortunately the wand currently starts at 50c, and has about 6 of them on sale

Geez... it was only 6c ~ 8c 24 hours ago...wtf... Thanks for the info.
your build became popular, that's all :D
now they start at 20, mid price is 25c, so it gets better
Last edited by McHaals on Sep 17, 2019, 3:13:57 PM
Can this clear shaper and uber elder?
insangel0001 wrote:
Can this clear shaper and uber elder?

Yup. But you gotta make sure you know Uber Elder mechanics.

Also, I want to let you know that the easiest build for UE is BL miner and Storm Brand. Just to help if you want to beat the shit outta of UE particularly.
Does it have mana issue, I just dont like to use mana flask ?

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