[3.8 ] FACETANK EVERYTHING, Durimon's Poison Flicker Strike Assassin(Pestilent, Cyclone)

[3.8 ] FACETANK EVERYTHING, Durimon's Poison Flicker Strike Assassin(Pestilent, Cyclone)

DURIMON TWITCH (LIVE): https://www.twitch.tv/durimon/
DURIMON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwRtM1TEmxxyOJe968F5xtg?view_as=subscriber

I have uploaded a Poison Flicker Strike Assassin build (3ex version) thread, so I won't repeat the same thing twice. About mechanics, and those who want to try 3 ex version which is cheaper than this, plz refer to the below thread:


So far, I have done t13 blight map (full mods) without any difficulties and killed UE with only flicker more than 4 times.

Without a death and any problem at all, I've reached 210 delve so far.

Also, you can simply change flicker to pestilent strike for blight map and UE. This will make them much easier when you find controlling char with flicker is too difficult in UE and high tier Blight Maps.

You can enjoy 2 more builds with this one, Pestilent Strike / Poison Cyclone, if you get bored of FS.

This build costs minimum 5 ex to maximum 15 ex, and this gap depends on whether you craft your two claws with fossil yourself or buy each for 5 ex. Other items except jewels, it's mostly garbage ones you used to throw away when dropped.

POB: https://pastebin.com/F31QZ8eL


Facetanking Shaper (With Melee Physical Damage Support + one BloodSeeker):



1. Super Fast in mapping and boss
2. Great Defense, 6.5k ehp, huge amount of leach and rate. No One-shot while you are leaching and you hardly get killed while mapping and bossing no matter which tier you are running.
3. Fun to see your char melt mons super fast moving here and there
4. Easy UE with only Flicker if you are used to melee skill mechanics. (No worries about Frenzy Charge and scratch Shaper and Elder for a short time then run away. Poison will do the rest.)
5. Probably best melee build for blight map, considering melee skills are difficult to clear blight maps. (T13 rare map with full mods easily done. T15 will be done when I get one)


1. No leech map, No regen map, Phys Refl. enemies avoid poison maps are bothersome.
2. Difficult in doing blight maps compared to Miner and AOE spell builds.
3. Deep delve

Current Gear and Gem Links


1. Less DPS but more Defense

2. Flast for UE (replace Sulphur to Jade)

3. Gem Switch for UE (and other bosses for greater DPS)

Melee Splash Support to Melee Physical Damage Support

4. If it's too difficult to get off-colors on the Covenant (Alternative):

Change Vile Toxic to Added Chaos Damage Support.

5. Stun Immunity Enchant and mod

Cinderswallow + boots enchant

Passive Tree




Pantheon (IMPORTANT!)

Shakari with Immune to Poison must be open! , Lunaris


1. Use Plague Bearer when you do blight quest. It helps a lot.
2. If you failed to have your boss bleed, whirling blade on it once or twice, then you are good to go.
3. Don't hit until a boss dies completely. Just hit until its hp gets to half and then run away. poison will do the rest.

Please subscribe my Youtube Channel and enjoy other builds and "weird" build vids:


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A few things:

- The video link is broken. Can you reupload it please?
- What jewel goes at the bottom of the tree?
- In what order to pick ascendancy?
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