[3.8] Durimon's Poison Flicker Assassin | 3 ex | 6k EHP with Leech, Fast Boss, Infinite Frezy C.

[3.8] Durimon's Poison Flicker Assassin | 3 ex | 6k EHP with Leech, Fast Boss, Infinite Frezy C.

DURIMON TWITCH (LIVE): https://www.twitch.tv/durimon/
DURIMON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwRtM1TEmxxyOJe968F5xtg?view_as=subscriber

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I got sick of playing with mines, so I decided to play with other skills and classes for a while.

While I was working on my mine project, I saw many people uploading builds related to new skills such as venom gyre and cobra lash. Well, that seemed to cost too much currencies to have decent speed of boss killing when using the core skill only.

So, I spent more than 140 orb of regrets (which is my best friend), and made this cheap poison flicker build yesterday.

I am a very lazy player who does not like to use two different skills, ex) one for mapping and one for bosses. This build is to use only flicker to do mapping, all bosses and blight. (You don't even have to switch a gem for shaper but if you want to kill him faster, yeah you can change melee splash to melee physical.)

With 3 ex, you can kill Shaper pretty fast without worrying about frenzy charge. Like I said, I hate builds which makes me swap or use different skills to generate Frenzy charge. I adopted a couple of mechanics with items for this.

Defense is also good because your leech does not get removed at full life. With about 6k ehp with the leech, you will feel safe to do all.

This build can be upgraded way more. My goal with this build is to kill Uber Elder using only poison flicker without much difficulties. When I say it's my goal? I do it. So, keep checking my updates.


Minotaur, Blight Quest in a t15 map, Casual mapping in a t15 map:


Of course More to Come! (Shaper is easy and I killed more than 10 times already)

POB : https://pastebin.com/m0sXh1iG


1. Very Fast Mapping with insane speed of poison stacking (It's da flicker bros!)
2. Decent boss killing speed and safe way of it even with 3 ex version (you stack poison on bosses and run away. Then, It's over)
3. Blight Quest is possible with help of new skill gem Plague Bearer
4. Pretty Tanky depite of the number of ehp (6k ehp)
5. No need to worry about frenzy charge


1. You should be careful when you don't have ES. (Not a big problem tho cuz you attack instantly when entering a map)
2. Upgraded needed for UE (Yeah, this is just 3 ex version, not Durimon's flicker yet. Wait for my updates)
3. Some might get dizzy watching the char flicking.
4. Delve is always difficult for Flickers.
5. NO NO! for Maps with no leech, phys reflect. (Avoid Poison is also annoying)
6. Difficult to start from lvl.1 (Use other skills like FB to lvl up)


1. Frenzy Charge : The Red Trail (Frenzy Charge on hit while bleeding) + Gold Rule Jewel (reflect bleeding on enemy to you) + Watcher's Eye (unaffected by bleeding) combo = unlimited FC when you bleed enemy - 20% bleeding chance from passive + (bleeding chance on items) + whirling blade with bleeding chance support

2. EHP + leech does not be removed at full hp : Soul tether belt + Glorious Vanity Jewel with Doriyani (20% of hp gained as extra ES) + (pregence of chayula if you are rich. I didn't wear it while making the above vid.)

3. Flicker Attack Speed and Insane number of hitting one target : Fast Poison Stacking not only for mapping but also for boss

4. Shock and Chill from Skitterbots (even Shaper)

5. Other ascendancy and skill mechanics, it's too trivial to explain.

Current Gear and Gem Link


For more EHP you can just use any rare amulet with life, strength, accuracy, res:

Best Amulet for the build (Immune to Stun + more EHP):


1. Without Stun Immunity, although it rarely happens, you can get one-shot by some enemies having insane dps. That's why I used cinderswallow flask. I recommend you to have at least one flask with curse immunity mod. (Maybe cinder to sulphur.)

2. Also, best way to save money for stun immunity is to have your boots enchanted.

Passive Tree



Shakari (it's the MUST!) , Lunaris


1. Use Plague Bearer when you do blight quest. It helps a lot.
2. If you failed to have your boss bleed, whirling blade on it once or twice, then you are good to go.
3. Don't hit until a boss dies completely. Just hit until its hp gets to half and then run away. poison will do the rest.

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Interested in your build. Can you put up a step by step leveling guide including passive?
I tried playing this build, put about 2 ex into the total setup, mostly in the 6l Dendrobate. I gotta say it feels pretty good overall, I'm hitting an estimated 700k+ poision dps, but I find that I occasionally get one shot. Waiting to see if you update anything to higher end gear recommendations.
3k hp if i use chayula. any update?

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