A Selection of Halloween Outfits

My Hallowe'en outfit (on a Duelist) is much simpler. Gloom Armour set, Decapitation Helmet Skin, Rolling Head Pet, Ebony Weapon Effect, Ebony Footprints, Shade of Axiom Apparition. And I like to go roaming through towns and dance. =^[.]~=
=^[.]^= basic (happy/amused) cheetahmoticon: Whiskers/eye/tear-streak/nose/tear-streak/eye/
whiskers =@[.]@= boggled / =>[.]<= annoyed or angry / ='[.]'= concerned / =0[.]o= confuzzled /
=-[.]-= sad or sleepy / =*[.]*= dazzled / =^[.]~= wink / =~[.]^= naughty wink / =9[.]9= rolleyes
any real news comming up? like, concerning the actual game?
2 more weeks. It’s killing me.
IGN: JerleBlight
Seems like a lazy approach re-relased old stuff. I dont dont GGG ran out of ideas yet to make some unique/hideous cosmetics.

In retro-perspective i wish i got Halloween MTX back in the day when they where unique each year.

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Achilion wrote:
Ahfack wrote:


THE F**K U SMILING AT?!? BUY IT! (lul mate)
Very smart ♤ Very handsome ♤ Very depressed
Man, I've overspent on this game so hard already, you'd have to try a thousand times harder.
Very smart ♤ Very handsome ♤ Very depressed
Dont mind my comment
All those wonderful tentacle wings are on sale, but no Void Wings. :(

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