No Sound FX playing for Corrupted Blood

Hello? This is a serious problem folks, and GGG is completely ignoring it. Corrupted Blood is the #2 killer of my characters this league (next to badly rolled Metamorphs) BECAUSE I NEVER KNOW I GET IT. The Sound FX do not notify the user they have been infected (the videos prove it) and it's now been months since I've reported this issue (which has been confirmed by dozens of players/streamers I've spoken with). This mechanical defect has caused me to completely abandon characters in SSF because I don't have access to "no corrupted blood" jewels, and any build that moves at a reasonable speed is susceptible to a quick death due to this. For the love of god, GGG. Please comment on and fix this. You've acknowledged it's a problem by implementing the fix that doesn't work. PLEASE FIX THIS.
All that and a bag of chips!
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All that and a bag of chips!
Originally reported October 25, 2019.


All that and a bag of chips!
We still have an open issue to look into this, sorry for the lack of a fix.
Thank you for the response. I know your team has its hands full, but this really is a core issue that's really easy to fix (e.g. we just need a different FX at a different volume - the rest of the code is there).

I hope the team is able to squeeze this in soon. Thanks!
All that and a bag of chips!
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