[3.8] ♥ HOLY BLEEDING, Gladiator Lacerate bleeds to death all end game, 9 milion dot

So I'm curious what kind of damage this build does with items in 3.10. Does anyone have an updated POB (or character) that I can look at?
is this build viable for full simulacrum ??
linysys1245 wrote:
is this build viable for full simulacrum ??

Yes, its viable.
im done this season. killed everything on deathless.

i was do it with one handed axe and full block.
i have 700k x 8= 5.6M bleed dps on lacerate with 370 pdps axe.

i got GG gloves and 3x faster bleed + 150 bleed damage hubris jewel and nice boot. (for sell)

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