It's been four weeks since the Blight League launched and today we want to take a look at how / which Blight Oils are being used. What are the most popular Notables and Ring Enchantments? Let's take a look at statistics from the past week.

Top 20 Notable Anointments
  • Alacrity
  • Ravenous Horde
  • Diamond Skin
  • Beef
  • Thief's Craft
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Expertise
  • Utmost Might
  • Aligned Spirits
  • Death Attunement
  • Grave Intentions
  • Wisdom of the Glade
  • Agility
  • Weathered Hunter
  • Path of the Savant
  • Gravepact
  • Spirit Void
  • Depth Perception
  • Divine Judgement
  • Prodigal Perfection

First, let's look at what the most popular Notables are, based on what has been anointed. Among the top 20, we can see that +30 Stat Notables are chosen quite often. Since we're not accounting for the rarity of Oils, this is fairly expected. It's quite common to stick on a cheap Notable while leveling characters.

Ravenous Horde takes the number two slot. This Notable is a powerhouse for Minion builds, giving Minion Movement Speed and giving your Minions the ability to gain Onslaught on Kill, something not acquirable ordinarily.

Unsurprisingly, Diamond Skin makes a showing at the number 3 spot. This gives a good chunk of resists while leveling and only requires common oils, so this makes sense.

Continuing down the list, we can see some Movement Speed options being taken (Freedom of Movement), more Minion-related Notables (Aligned Spirits, Death Attunement, Grave Intentions) and some other Resistance options (Weathered Hunter).

This mostly falls in line with what one would expect in a league dominated by Necromancers: quite a few Minion Notables, things that smooth out stat requirements while leveling, and for those that aren't having stat problems, things to increase either their movement speed or resistances.

Top 20 Notable Anointments Normalised by Oil Rarity
  • Ravenous Horde
  • Death Attunement
  • Whispers of Doom
  • Gravepact
  • Corruption
  • Vengeant Cascade
  • Tribal Fury
  • Fatal Blade
  • Heart of Ice
  • Utmost Might
  • Constitution
  • Ambidexterity
  • Tranquility
  • Arcane Potency
  • Discipline and Training
  • Divine Judgement
  • Disciple of the Unyielding
  • Piercing Shots
  • Grave Intentions
  • Righteous Army

Next up, let's factor in the rarity of oils. The following notables are still based on the number of times they've been anointed, but are also then multiplied by a factor of their rarity. The most rare oils have a higher rarity factor. One would expect that, assuming all notables had perfect balance and demand, they would be anointed at the same rate as one another. Obviously, that isn't the case, but it serves to give a guideline on how to interpret this information.

Topping out the charts is Ravenous Horde. You'll note this notable is almost topping the chart when we don't account for "cost" as well. It means that this notable is very powerful, players generally are willing to pay the cost, and it could suggest that we've undercosted the notable (in terms of what oils are required to anoint it).

Following that up, Death Attunement makes a leap up to the top. This notable was near the #10 spot based on Count, but when you factor in the cost, you're looking at some expensive Oils to anoint this notable. Even still, players are willing to pay the price!

Taking a sidestep from Minion notables, we see Whispers of Doom in the number 3 spot. Interestingly, this is one of the most expensive notables to anoint, requiring two Golden Oils and a Black Oil. Even with the high cost, many players were interested, which makes sense given how powerful an additional curse is.

As we go down this list further, we see more Minion notables, some Chaos Damage notables (perhaps taken by Poison builds) and Life notables (Constitution as well as Discipline and Training).

We can also see a few of the notables that aren't naturally able to be allocated on the passive tree in Vengeant Cascade and Tribal Fury.

Finally, let's take a look at the breakdown of Oils consumed to anoint Notables.

As expected, since this data set isn't normalised, Clear Oils are seeing the most use. Most oil use follows the natural rarity scale. Where we start to see a divergence from this is when we get to Crimson, Opalescent and Black Oils. Given that by count they aren't following their rarity scale, this suggests that players are largely anointing notables that require either larger amounts of these oils, that many of the notables anointed require these oils, or some combination of both.

Let's now take a look at Ring Enchantments. Which Towers do people generally care most about? Do people prefer Damage, Range, Utility, or something else?

Top 10 Ring Enchantments
  • Chilling Tower Damage
  • Meteor Tower Damage
  • Fireball Tower Damage
  • Scout Tower Damage
  • Summoning Tower Damage
  • Freezebolt Tower Damage
  • Flamethrower Tower Damage
  • Glacial Cage Tower Duration
  • Scout Tower Range
  • Meteor Tower Additional Meteor

Again, we'll start by looking at the sheer quantity of enchantments. This does not account for Oil rarity at all, so we should expect to see the cheaper enchantments at the top here.

In general, we see Damage enchantments for the basic towers, though there are some exceptions here. Scout Tower Range takes the #9 position. This is likely related to recent buffs to the Scout Tower. Interesting to see!

In the #10 position, we can see Meteor Tower Additional Meteor. This is one of the more expensive enchantments, so it's nice to see it make a showing in the top 10 list. This speaks to its enormous popularity, as it is especially useful for taking down tough bosses!

Next, we'll again look at ring enchantments, but normalised by oil rarity. As above, we've factored in how rare each oil is to this list, meaning that enchantments that require rarer oils will have that rarity reflected here.

Top 10 Ring Enchantments Normalised by Oil Rarity
  • Meteor Tower Additional Meteor
  • Meteor Tower Stun
  • Scout Tower Range
  • Meteor Tower Damage
  • Scout Tower Damage
  • Summoning Tower Damage
  • Freezebolt Tower Additional Projectile
  • Chilling Tower Special
  • Chilling Tower Range
  • Flamethrower Tower Full Damage

Topping out the charts, we see Meteor Tower Additional Meteor. This was the 10th most common enchantment by count, but when you factor in the rarity of oils required for this, it's the most common enchantment by a factor of 3 when compared to the second closest enchantment (Meteor Tower Stun). This demonstrates how much players value a small area of effect but high damage tower, relying on their other towers and their own damage to deal with regular packs of monsters.

Looking at the full list, we see 4 Fire-based enchantments, 3 Minion-based enchantments and 3 Cold-based enchantments. It seems we have some clear crowd favourites, with Lightning, Physical and Buff Towers being notably absent.

Again, we'll look at how many oils have been used on Ring enchantments in the past week. Clear Oils are once again leading the "most-consumed" category relative to anything else. We can actually see that more Clear Oils (by percentage) are being used on Ring Enchantments than Notables. Speculating on why this may be, perhaps ring enchantments aren't seen as being as absolutely necessary for success, and therefore players opt to use whatever is cheapest?

We see that Sepia Oil, though it is the second most common oil, is actually the 4th most used. This suggests that players are looking for a comfortable middle-ground between the value of the oils used for their ring enchantments and the power those enchantments provide. Most players, understandably, want to use their oils for Amulet anointments.

The four most common oils are being used on more than 80% of all Ring enchantments.. This is a large increase from the 57% that the top four make up when looking at Notable anointments.

Notably, Golden Oil makes up only 0.13% of all Oils used on Ring enchantments, but makes up 1.67% of all Oils used for Notable enchantments.

That's it for today! Next week we'll talk more about Oil statistics, including the overall breakdown of Oil use on Blighted Maps.
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We have all oiled up on this blessed day.
Okay what ring enchantments are people using golden oils on? Or is this just for the challenge reward?
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And statistics on oil drops and tradeups?
I need to find a use for Rhoa oil...
Diamond skin is really really good for a league starter.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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I love the pie graph!!! Thank you GGG!!!
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I think people underrate the empower towers. When there's a boss present I always aim to have a tier 3 empower tower next to several immobilizing towers.

Buys lots of time to kill the boss myself.
Le Toucan Will Return
Ugh, I hope they don't nerf necros too much :(

Ravenous Horde is also probably chosen so often because it's in a really annoying to reach spot, even for normal necromancers.
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