[3.10] MRSEANCONNORS CRIT / Freezing Pulse Totems / Templar - Hierophant / 5.6 MIL DPS [ALL CONTENT]

HottyShunks wrote:
Hello can i swap freezing pulse to frostbolt or glacial cascade ? is it applicable to both frsotbolt or glacial cascade?

Im new to this game (newbie).. i really want to play frostbolt in this build..hope it works on frostbolt..

thanks !!!

Frostbolt would most likely work with this build, just have to change the Threshold jewels to Frozen Trail. The projectile speeds in Frostbolt are much slower compared to freezing pulse. The same thing would apply to GC. I would say it's entirely based on which spell you enjoy. FP just has a faster clearing speed compared to the other two since the projectile travel is based on projectile speed while FB cannot be modified. While I believe GC might have a higher single(boss) dmg due to multiple hits from the spells per cast.
Who's Mr Sean Connors?

That happens to be my uncles name.
why not exchange Power Charge on Critical for Elemental Focus ? In POB the damage is much greater. Sorry about my English
Who's Mr Sean Connors?

That happens to be my uncles name.

Dude i play on u build and i am constantly dying all in all red map. i dont know how to survive on it.

thanks for this build guide, im wondering why to keep Frost Wall at level 1 insted of leveling it to lvl 10 for more duration and bigger wall, it will still be under the CwDT limit ?
In order to make it cheaper with the same amount of dps, look a double tulfall, it is arround the same dps but it is soooo much cheaper
I like it! :D Its cheap, easy to play, cheap, with good survival and do I mention - its cheap? :D

But without jokes. I rly like it. Im playing totems in so many builds. This is maybe based on something else but I dont care. For starter its just great. Fast leveling (normally I just try build on equipment what I can find myself, and only things what I can buy from curr what I obtained from mobs, no trade involved from my side).
To run story game its just fun. For maps its also good.
Of course ppl can change this or that, free will is still no crime :D
I like opinion from SKeLeToNya about changes what can be done in build. ("Change 1 battery to atziri refl, delete kekaz, delete on tree Sanctum of Throught, change belt to coward legacy, find good rings, learn Pain Attunement and spend 3 point to better nods"). And that is also great! Its a way to change it on end game when I collect some extra curr. On league start Void Battery will be expensive, ofc. But they can be replaced to something else and still this build make good DPS.
For me its a BIG plus of any build (including this one) - almost anyone can afford it and still have fun from game. I dont like when someone create build and write "its cheap build only 100ex" ;)

With 40% dmg from mana jewel Clear Mind its good choice I dont want to change it to some aura as jevusito. Also with info from PoB this build have 4.1k hp and 2.1mana, with 40% from mana... If I correctly understand this - give player decent pool of hp/mana to take a hit from mobs and ES on top.

Using Tullfall until buying Void Battery its also choice worth considering or keep some rare wands... again free will :D

Havock5700 - for me its rly good and not expensive league starter and possible end game also :)
I want to ask one thing about tree. You put Self-Flagellation jewel at end of tree branch. I make small changes and put it almost at start in jewel socket above Mind Over Matter. In that way we lost 20dex but we get 12% inc ele dmg and much quicker access to profits from curses dps. What you think about that?

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