🔥 [3.12✔️] Infernal Legion Skeleton Bomber + fork version w/o IL [VIDEO GUIDE] ✦ Anti-Summoner ✦

Thanks for the reply!

I'm just fishing for ideas by looking at your build... for clear I have 4 (soon 5) 6L flame sentinel spectres, the zombies are just for bossing and blight encounters.

Feel free to check my char. The mana management is with -total mana cost mods on a ring and amulet. I will experiment with Unleash... thanks for that. And getting 5 zombies should be easy as well.

Just to be sure... I just need a Elegant Hubris? any seed? does the name matter? Or should I get a Victario's?

If I correct "name" of the Jewel changes Keystones, witch is irrelevant for this build.

They are rather cheap and you can always reroll non corrupted one with Divine orb. I was happy when I hit three usable notables all with 2 point travel time.

My algorithm was
a) buy jewel, check all reasonable sockets, if there is two usable Axiom Wardens leave it as spare or use it.
b) buy another one, check, if it is unworkable Divine orb it.

Got mine in 3 Jewels and couple Divine orbs.
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I like to use this with my infernal build, works quite well

Siegebreaker Heavy Belt

Your Minions spread Caustic Ground on Death, dealing 20% of their maximum Life as Chaos Damage per second
Build is sill viable. Harvest crafting is great to self craft minion helmets with Hypotermia on top of Minion Level, life and damage.

Maligaro's Lens version nerfed hard (HP gain cut in half from ~5k to ~2.5k on this build).

The radius at which nearby allies are healed when you die has been increased to 35 units (from 20). This affects all versions of the item. The amount by which allies are healed is now 1% of your maximum Life (from 2%), which existing versions can be updated to with the use of a Divine Orb and a temporary loss of your mental faculties.
After playing a bit with this build in current state I made fork version without Infernal Legion:

Here is full video guide on youtube
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Hey Hey, trying this build and it's going very good so far!

So question, you'd want to avoid elemental resistances on minions (Skeletons really) right? I'm running the Infernal Legion build with Fortress Covenant but thinking of picking up dead reckoning
If you are going for the minion instability damage you are working totally against it with Dead Reckoning.

1. Skeleton Casters while have the same hp would not "aim" their body into melee range in ~0.9s that they would be up - you lose DPS in some cases.

2. Any ele resistance on minions would increase burn time - delay detonation and open up window of opportunity so enemy can hit you.

3. You waste jewel socket.
Considering the fork version and to some extend the base Infernal Legion build.

3.12 now forces anoint of Whispers of Doom for dual curse and some small adjustments. Glancing Blows and Mistress of Sacrifice nerfs are annoying but rather irrelevant and combo is still OP.

Updated PoB: https://pastebin.com/bbcvwuqR
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Very nice and fun to play build. Thx for sharing! Just tested in standard before league starts and definitely gonna try on 3.12, despite of nerfs on summoner. Just want to say thank you and nice work!!
Tyty. It definitely lies in the shadows since it a bit hard to set up and more of the meme build. Too viable meme tho.

Inc. Area of Effect with new quality "Supported Skills have 10% increased Area of Effect" Can be great addition to the build as well as... who knows time and experimentation would tell xD
I really love the concept of this build. It's been fun leveling as it and much stronger than I expected.

I'm using the POB without Infernal Legion. Does Bane proc Elemental Equilibrium?

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