[PS4] 3.8.1 Patch Notes

Crashes have been on the uptick post-Blight. I had trouble during Legion, but by the end of the league, I was not suffering through any for several days at a time.

The blights are typically not running when I crash. I think it's a particular spell/skill going off that does it. I tend to crash twice, on average, during a 2 to 2.5-hour play period. Once today in a low-level map during regular clearing...once in the Temple of Atzoatl.

I'm a quick-moving Toxic Rain Ranger with Herald of Agony running. When I used to crash often, it was while using lightning skills and the Herald that gave off the shocking hands effect, which I've forgotten the name of.

I hope this can help narrow down potential stability issues that haven't been found yet. Aside from that, I am liking the league despite being skeptical of the 'tower defense' concept. I normally hate those mechanisms, but they work well in Wraeclast.
crash almost every t16 elder map on triggering Legion/Jun,sometimes breach/abyss as well.
it's so sad to play league meta build nec on ps4 :<
I quit.
So since the introduction of this new patch, I’ve been having bluescreens on a much higher frequency. not just a one of but back to back especially encountering legion/syndicate encounters. Not only do I crash back to back, the map is essentially unsalvageable because of the repeated crashes upon reentering the map. That said, I’m not running a meta necro build nor a fps heavy build. This is relatively new to me. So please do look into some these encounters as the bug seems to be rampant during such encounters.

In addition to the patch making the blight encounters better in blighted maps, it ironically also mess with the blight mechanics during regular map encounters. Especially in the red maps, it tends to be insanely bad as the frames will drop to virtually nothing rendering the encounter all but lost. Idk how this works but making one better and the other worst seems to be quite ironic.

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^this is pretty standard for console patches. Always 1 step forward and 3 steps back. I can’t wait to see how it runs on next gen consoles, when they won’t be able to use the excuse of hardware limitations
I was thinking about returning to PoE since I'm in need of some variation from playing WoW Classic all the time, so decided to drop in the forums to see if the reason that drove me away, the unbelievable amount of crashes, was fixed or at least made more stable, but it seems it's worse than ever.

This makes me really sad, man. I love this game and was really hopeful for a good release of the new patch, but looks like the console version is doomed forever with blue screens and fps drops. I could play it on PC as well, but PoE is the kind of game I would rather sit on my couch and let the hours go by playing on my PS4.

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