[3.9] Ashriel's Blade Vortex Pathfinder Build | 1,1 Mil Shaper dps | best Delver!

Are you tired of spamming Movement and attack Skills?
You enjoy fast map clear with all contents viable?
You like to see your Charakter play getting smoother and smoother the more you invest?

Then this build ist exactly for you!
Random Map run from me! https://youtu.be/dNNWVSLzDUs
Look at the Bladevortex stacks at top left to guess the damage ;)

Changes to 3.9

Actullally not much. The Base kit is the same and everything is viable except:
-Lategame crafts are a little more difficult, and may result in a bit less dps, but you can compensate it this league easy (look below)
I will update the crafted items later on.
-huge damage upgrades with awakened gems. I have to get there myself to see what combinations are the best, try them out yourself in PoB ;) Blade Vortex - Physical to Lightning - Unleash +3
-Ring/Belt and Amulett upgrades with Catalysts are huge. Go for life on Belt (more survivability) and on Ring and Amulett whatever gives you more dps/tankyness. It's litereally up to you.
-Bosses are a little harder. I ran t12 with 5link and trashweapons/gear without much porblems, it just takes longer overall.
-Not league specific, i updated my Cast when damage taken Setup, it's much better now :)
-Shock got buffed, will compensate the for tanky bosses a little,

(Alot cooler while moving and with animations, trust me :) )

-Permanent over 200% Movement speed (even more if you choose to!)
-Nice League Starter, doesn't need any high budget Items to work
-Still Many Many upgrades you can get with currency, high Potential
-Permanent Flask uptime, even on Bosses if you choose to!
-Overcapped Elemental Resistence
-Later on you can click 3 Skills every 5 seconds to work
-Permanent Immunity to all! Elemental Aliments
-high Aoe focused around you
-100% Elemental Conversion

-Flask Piano (each with at least 5 seconds running time, so dont worry much)
-Only around 5k HP
-Chaos Resist a little neglected, but still at around 15% (not a Problem yet though, cause you can literally spam Healpots.
-Elemental Reflection kills you. Thats it though.
-A little reliant to Health Flasks, since Warlords Mark got hardnerft

Gem Setup:


Vaal Blade Vortex - Unleash - Physical to Lightning - Controlled Destruction - Increased Critical Strikes

This is the Core. When Leveling and don't have that many Links yet, they are sortet from important to less important.
I left the 6th Link open on purpose, cause you have some Variety to use here.
The normal Choice would be Increased Critical Damage. If you go bosses switch it out to Concentrated Effect. If you Chose to have Blind on your Orb of Storms, go for Arcane Surge here. And last but not least, if you are fkn lazy and don't care about dps, go for Increased Duration.

Headpiece/ Gloves 1:

Orb of Storms - Blind - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge

Drop Blind - Faster Casting for Increased Critical Strikes - Power Charge on Critcal If you choose to not work with Assassins Mark for whatever reason.
And of course remove Arcane Surge, if you want it in your chest piece for whatever you feel like. I will mention a ful replacement of this setup later on when i got the time.

Gloves/ Headpiece 2:

Herald Of Thunder - Curse on Hit - Elemental Weakness - +1 Curse

Standart Curse on hit Setup. Poacher's Mark For Frenzy Charges, Assassin's Mark for Power Charges and more damage. You can trade out Powercharge on Critcal and Increased Critical Strikes from Orb of Storms if you take Assassin's Mark. Or just drop it and get some different Boots if you feel like it. Assassins Mark sure is the dps option here.


Cast when damage taken Level 4 - Steel skin Level 18 - Increased Duration - Flame Golem Level Level 16

Standart survival/lazy Setup. Replace Flame Golem with Phase run for super antistuck mechanic.

Weapon 1:

Phase Run - Increased Duration - Hatred

2 Links are enough here, it doesn't matter if Hatred is linked or not.

Weapon 2:

The last 3 links are open to you. Here are some Suggestions:
Cast on Death - Portal Never run back to your death point again, ever. (My favourable option of course)

Smoke Mine - Increased Duration Some extra Movement speed, makes the gameplay less smooth though

Flame dash - whatever you feel like for additionally jumping around the map.

Mechanic Explanation:

It is actually really simple. You have Blade Vortex with unleash support. That means, you can cast it 4 times in a row, 5 if you get a budget neck annointment. That means you can cast it later on 2 times with a little break inbetween for full 10 stacks! With nearly 10 seconds duration, you are save to cast it every 5 seconds.

Uh there is some Pack farer away and i don't wanna run there to kill... Or, hmh this Mob is a little tougher than the others. Press Vaal Vortex. It runs to enemys itself + it has almost your dps. It is actually a second you, you can cast here and there.

With Phase run you get additional movespeed and can run through Units. Thats important when you run through dark parts in Delve, you wont get stuck, ever.

When you face some harder maps or have something more stationair you cast Orb of Storms inbetween, free Powercharges and Arcane Surge.

The rest is just holding left Mouse for running and using Pots here and there.

Blade Vortex - Unleash Synergy:

I make some extra chapter for this, cause i have seen some wrong assumptions an some Forums sides.
Some people might ask, why go for Unleash instead of Spell Echo, it reduces your damage by nearly 30%?!? No it doesn't and thats cause of the Blade Vortex Mechanic. Additional casts of Blade Vortex just add additional stacks and therefor the recast damage reduction doesn't affect it at all. Just lay back and well, cast it 4-5 times in a row.

Btw don't worry about Mana at all. Unleashed Blade Vortex eats only 1 Mana cost for all casts and I never have Mana Problems with this setup.


Pathfinder of course
1: Nature's Boon
2: Master Alchimist
3: Nature's Adrenaline
4: Either "Master Surgeon" for more Flasks all time (e.g. Bosses) or "Veterens Bowyer" for more dps


Soul Of Lunaris: Well... Dodge and some Movement speed, what do you want more?

Soul of Garukhan: Capture Stalker as soon as possible for extra Movespeed


Kill all, Passives are important.

Gear Setup:

Uniques you should get:

Non Corrupted if possible, this is just Leaguestarter sh*t. Gives you full elemental Conversion.

Upgrade to Windshriek with the 20 Chaos Prophecy for extra Movespeed. Btw your stats and Links get passed on if you Fate the item this way. For Budged guys, just buy Windshriek

Hell yeah, Chaos resist and Onslaught

best item here. Super Aoe increase, OP! Get 6 link for budget guys.
Important! Keep your Area of Effect at at least 45%, otherwise your Blade Vortex will be smaller!

For the rest, Some examples.

My 2 Wands for 10-30 Chaos each
Physical damage to lightning/chaos/ice is also good. You can invest really alot of Money here.

Ring, Belt and Helmet: Get Life 70+ and Cap your Elemental Resists with these. 2-10 Chaos each here.

Is a good example

here you can invest alot of budget if you want, or get a trash one.
Look for stats like hp+, increased spell crit, global crit multiplier etc.
Also look for Chaos/Lightning/Cold Leech here. It makes you so much less reliant on Health Flasks.

Enchantment for Budget guys:

-Blade Vortex damage / Duration on Helmet

-Movement Speed when not hit recently on Boots

-Thunderous Salvos Annoitment on Neck for the Extra Unleash recast. (Makes the Build unbelievable Smooth to play

Other budgets:

Get Unnatural Instinct for top jewel node. Dps and Block increase is really tasty.

I will make a whole budget section soon, includion HoI shatter build in ideas and others.


Standart item. You dont really need the Bleeding part though if you decide to get the "Master Surgeon" Acsention. of Adrenaline, of Warding, of Reflexes etc are some good Alternatives, not the only ones of course. Look into it ;)
Remember you can have only one of these Primary Effects active at once!
Don't forget your Health Regeneration from this is hard boosted and does about 6,5k++ in about 4,5 seconds. Over 1,5k per second and doubled on low life! Ah did i forget that you have it up at all time? Try to kill me bastards.

Standart Chaos damage and Resist Flask. The leech is sick.

This Build is all around Movement Speed right?

Sooo good at defence.

For a little Money go for

If you dont have it yet

is a solid early option.

If you prefer dps over all go for Taste of Hate instead of Rumi's. Costs a good bunch of Money though.


https://pastebin.com/g6ZCMNG1 my dps with shock and Concentrated Effect
https://pastebin.com/AFc1nUR5 my actual shaper dps with around current gear, without shock and without Concentrated Effect

Later Investments

Here i will show you some future investments i did and i will do for this build.

-First off all i got myself this cuty:

The Crafted Mod isn't max tier yet, thats a future investment to do!
A tip for buying one of these: look for a belt with around these stats and "% increased Elemental Damage with Attacks Skills" craftet on. That is a prefix you can craft around for your usage, in my case "inceased Flask effect". I tell you this, because you find these rather often.
price range: ~50 - 60 Chaos Orbs in league
For the Abyssal Jewel socketed look for Onslaught on Kill and Life + anything you want. Mine isnt very good yet, but it does what its there for.

-The next step would be getting another Ring, since Death Rush became obsolete. I got myself this:

The Main purpose is getting alot of "Herald of Ice has % reduced mana reservation". You can get a whole bunch of more money to invest in this ring up to serveral exalts!
Now just tweak your skill tree a little. Get the 3 Passive nodes above your starting point in Skill tree and now you will be able to get a 4 link Herald of Ice build in.
Just remove the Storm Orb 4link and get these links:
Herald of Ice - Icebite - Innervate - Controlled Destruction
if you lack Mana that way switch out Controlled Destruction with Increased Critcal Strikes
This setup gives you some very satisfying shatters (no hard chains tho), some Frenzy Charges and a damage buff, without clicking anything.

-next up i got this:

It's not only a simple Amulett, look at the Enchantment. For it you need 2 Golden Oils for 1,2Exalts each! and one Sepia Oil. This is what i spoke of earlier. Now your Unleash casts your Blade Vortex 5 Times! Thats half of the maximum. Trust me, its worth it.
Make sure you get a good Amulett for it, mine cost around 100 Chaos.

-6 link Armor of course:

Important!!: Again, keep your Area of Effect for Carcass at at least 45%, otherwise your Bladevortex will be smaller

-Weapon crafting:
For now i got myself this:

Literally almost best stats in terms of crafting, the uncrafted version is around 18Ex atm, so it will take a little time.
Always! go for Elemental damage to Chaos when you craft or buy, its the most op mod atm. Notable secondary mods to have: Elemental penetration, Global Critical Stike Multiplier. Don't go for Physical to x, ever.

My Plans
-Second Weapon in progress atm, more damage one without Arcane Surge!

-Getting Watcher's Eye with Physical to Cold Conversion and craft myself Gloves with Cold conversion to get rid of these poor stat ones.

-Fucked up Helmets

-Unnatural Instinkt

-Inspired Learning

-Maybe Headhunter? :D

If you have any more ideas, tell me, i will keep it updated!

I wanted to do this guide for a long time and its my first. Tell me any questions you like, and share your experience with me :)

I will keep updating as I progress forward!

Have fun guys!

Update Logs

27.09: -Removed Life Leech Chapter. You wont need it since Atziri's is permanent up.
-Removed Hexproof as undoable. It's no Problem, really.
28.09: -"Later Investments" addet
17.10: -"Later Investments" updatet
-PoB updated
-Additional important comment on Carcass Jack addet
-Some sort of Skill tree progress addet at "Leveling"
13.12. -Video addet!
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Looks very interesting.

Been looking for a smooth pf mapper, that can handle blight, and isn't a bow skill.

Got any videos planned?
Yep I will, once my exams are over^^
Depending on the progress i get, maybe i can do next week!

I'm happy you find it interesting :)
I must be blind or something, but what is the reasoning behind HoT instead of HoI?
I Like the Curse procs much more.
Additionally HoT aggros enemys to you which results in faster map clear.

If you want go Impulsas + HoI, go for it but HoT is actually just my Curse Setup and it does its job more than good in my eyes :)
Trash is easy enough to not worry about it and HoI is much better at single target.

I will think of a possibilty though to build it in, check for updates :)
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Well guys Currently playing this.

Its nice and although pob shows something like 500k damage it just doesnt feel enough vs rares and I also dont see big explosions which got my thinking that I am doing something wrong. My crit chance is something like 95% so I guess Shocking enemies is guaranteed.

Not sure about the weapons though might try wands for more dmg. Tree is a bit different from op but I think this way I have more dmg.

If someone can take a look and tell me if everything is right is much appreciated.
Last edited by Annelise22 on Oct 17, 2019, 5:07:56 AM
The thing about chaining is, that spell critical strike chance doesnt apply to HoI and because of that it wont have enough critical strike chance. The point in chain reaction seem to be HoI freezing the enemys with AoE, which just happens on crit or freeze chance. To get the damage you also need shock.
The base interaction from Elementalist, HoI and Inpulsas is actually more complicated as i heard and difficult to explain otherswise.

This build sacrifices the Chain reaction for a more smooth playstyle, eventhough i still try to tweak it around so it still works.
Additionally Inpulsa's loses a good bunch of dps compared to Carcass Jack and the AoE + you dont have have Power or Frenzy Charges which i included in my build. Theis results in a huge dps loss aswell.
Its okay to sacrifise HoI coh setup for something else but honestly.... these gloves are a huge downlet for me.
Get some good enchants or at least a 4 socket there and upgrade it to Hrimburn so you get the ignite bonus from your cinderswollen Urn.

As long as there arent any unlucky combinations of ele resist and max health and anything else on the map i kill almost any rares by running through them, so maybe you shouldn't try getting the chaining done desperatly with inpulsas because... well honestly its bad against bigger mobs in any way.

If you crafted yourself these daggers i give you an advise aswell:

Physical to x is one of the worst mods you can have as a crafting base... they got nerfed hard and are really useless now. This one i crafted myself and has almost optimal stats according to Pob. Generally Scepters > Daggers according PoB.

Ah yeah one last thing. Get lvl 21 bv. its a huge dps.

I will make a video soon enough to show you a t16 clear :)
hope i could help you
Sniff rip 15 ex in daggers and amul. Didnt know if they were still good but had to try it. Anyways... And btw I have power/frenzy and endurance charges with overcharge and intuitive leap but i think ill just follow your guide and tree and see how that works.

Well that was very helpful and informative man, thank you very much for your time.

Ill come back after I buy some new items and test them out.

P.S. what kind of jewels do you use?

Yeah the only reason other builds use daggers over sceptres is do be able to use Whirling blades. The difference itself isn't that big tho.

Ah that makes sense... would be a thing i can try out aswell and see how it works. Still the damage boost from Assassins Mark is kind of insane :D

My jewels are... well kind of nonexistend xD When im done crafting my second sceptre i will get myself a watcher's eye with physical damage conversion to cold and craft myself gloves with cold conversion so i can get rid of these really bad gloves in terms of base stats. (gloves have very high stat potential :D)

Unnatural Instinkt is one i will look forward to when i come to invest there and the 3rd one i dont know yet... maybe for later on Inspired Learning or sth. i tweaked around my skill tree aswell, i will update my pob in about a second^^
(https://pastebin.com/AFc1nUR5) if you wanna look right away :D the second sceptre is crafted via pob rn since i haven't got that yet and the animate guardian is just so i can have the arcane surge active :)

ah yeah, try to get the Neck enchant thunderous salvos i mentioned in my later investment tab, it helps alot in terms of smoothness^^

Edit: updated the pastebin again, changed my belt to actual one^^
Last edited by Ashrielll on Oct 17, 2019, 11:41:05 AM
Bought these for start.

Trying to find the dexterity to fit 21/23 vortex right now..

anyways iam checking your updated pob link now.
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