[3.9] Ashriel's Blade Vortex Pathfinder Build | 1,1 Mil Shaper dps | best Delver!

How is this build for killing bosses? Will you update it for 3.9? Do you think it is a viable league starter?
Looks interesting

Cheers :)
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First of all, Yes i will update it on 3.9^^

This build is defenetly no build you go for when you wanna boss carry Uber Elder or sth all the time.
Last league i killed every Boss except Shaper and Uber Elder, but i didn't try them either. Just not familiar with mechanics :D
Generally T16 Mapbosses aren't the Problem at all, you do good damage. I farmed T16 Tower and did that fight over and over. One of the "harder" mapbosses.
All Guardians down aswell. Elder ones too.

The Point is you are a little squishy. BUT i played it as league starter in last league and it was the first i really played. Once i got the hang of some bossmechanics it all worked smooth, its just not a build you can blind facetank all bosses.
If you like to dodge things, and hell yeah you can do that easily with this build, its for you :) if you wanna afk facetank its sadly not.

Generally its a totally viable leaguestarter, since I testet it myself. I explained what Items you should buy at start^^ + you can invest and craft for this to make it a nice speedfarmer.

For new things regarding metamorph you will have to wait tho, till I am at this point myself, cause as i said, i play it myself^^

Hope i could help :)
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Thanks for the fast reply :)
I want to play my first BV character ever in 3.9. I see so many different builds and classes, do you know whats the difference between an assassin, pathfinder, chieftain build? Like whats the pro for pathfinder for example? Why didnt you build an assassin?
The main difference is the smooth playstyle i would say.
The reason i made this build was other builds beeing kind of... clunky since they rely on Whirlwind Blades and if not they'd be slow af. And i tried it... it doesn't feel good (for me at least)for a bv to having to spam ww-blades all time^^'
with this build you literelly use bladevortex, press phase run, pot here and then and you play as i like to say beyblade :D

The next thing is. It might look like you sacrifice some dps for it but thats not really the case. The dps im showing is the real 100% uptime dps without having any rng debuffs you have to cast on single mobgroups or flasks the class wont have up all the time especially bosses. (my flasks have 100% uptime :) )
For literally any build i click on i can at least disable 2 buffs+ flasks, which wont be active alot, and hey, their build isnt that high dps now xD
they might have some burst dps i give them that^^

The main disadvantage would be not deleting mobs offscreen which is almost exclusive for elementalist bv or maybe autobomber setups.
another main reason to NOT chose poison bv of some classes for me is, poisen= dot= you having to backtrack alot= fucking annoying :D

Ah did i mention you cant get frozen or chilled with this build?^^ you are immun to aliments

Hope i could help :)
Bump - Video addet!
your last skill tree in leveling party if fuck up guys

cannot load build
I will look it up this weekend when I'm home.
Thanks for telling :)
It seems to work for me, replaced it with URL for easier usage tho.
So it should work since you dont need to copy now :)
Hey, thinking of rocking this next league it looks nice and smooth but can u explain how its converted 100% to elemental? I can see 50% of phys to lightning but where is the other 50% converted. new to the game and just trying to figure out that mechanic.

nvm the gloves.. i see XD my bad
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are you planning on expanding the levelling section? because I want to league start this on 3.10

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