[3.9] Ashriel's Blade Vortex Pathfinder Build | 1,1 Mil Shaper dps | best Delver!

Just skip the 23 quality, it wont increase your aoe any further^^ it wont even with aoe effect gem anymore^^
if you have 45% on your carcass you don't need any more aoe effect by any means.
the corrupted neck is kind of a personal thing since you cant enchant it anymore^^ the enchant is like a non plus ultra for me. 5 stacks bv with one cast or 4 are a huge difference.
Sceptres are nice tho.

You can drop Orb of Storms with this setup since it was just used to proc Arcane surge^^ one thing you wont have to stop for anymore :)
OK! Here what I got so far.

Check my Tree is much different from yours but I think I get a good balance of health and dmg this way. I currently sit at 99.5% crit. with 530% multiplier dealing almost 4mil dps with around 4.8k health with max res. I really wanted to take the tree towards Phase Acrobatics but I cant unless I lose a good chunk of damage.

I use Overcharge in amulet and +1 curse on tree. My question now is if Curse on Hit can apply two curses at the same time, I think it can as long as we have the +1 curse but not sure.

Oh yes I have HoI equipped because I dont know it freezes and kills everything? Also it shows more DPS with HoI in POB than with HoT.

Last item I think I am gonna tweak and upgrade is probably the gloves, any good suggestions? In some post earlier you mentioned about some rare gloves but not sure what kind of stats they should have (I look mostly for dmg, res are capped).

Anyways any advice is always welcome. Thanks again man! :)
Yes your coh does apply both curses^^ in fact even if you link 4 curses to it, as long as you can apply that many it's not a problem.
Your tree seems to be a nice alternative to mine, do you mind sending me your pob so i can compare it to mine and maybe improve 1-2 things?^^

All in all your version seems to be a more damage oriented one and less lazy :D

well the point is your watcher's eye shouldn't improve your dps in real, since you can't really achieve more than 100% damage conversion from one damage type.The reason i mentioned it was in combination with crafted gloves to actually achieve the elemental conversion without hrimburn.
so the one stat you are really looking for is physical to cold conv on gloves.
Then there is a glove base, that gives 17% spelldamage or so i believe.
I haven't looked it up yet what good stats are there, but a defensive one would be a shaper mod: "socketed gems are supported with x blind" and socket your HoI there.
Another good one should be "Increased damage during Flask effect"
generally max life, chaos resi is also nice to have.
I have seen other good mods just by looking it up just now, but look them up on poeaffix or your pob^^

i can tell you more on monday, im not home atm :)

you did fairly a good job, have to say, but the one thing im worried about is your curses procing on bosses, since they basicly wont, except you kill something near them. Just leaving that here for some thinking^^

again, thank you for your own ideas, these are always welcome. I'm a really new player myself and this is the first build i literally made and im happy to improve it further^^
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Oh man I am going crazy with this build and I am not sure if its worth it but I dont care because its a lot of fun. And yes Iam running out of Ex's... Bought these.

So now i have a bit more dmg more healing and I can proc Assassin's Mark on bosses. And thinking maybe get hrimsorrow with elemental weakness if I am gonna use the Whispers of Doom in the tree.

I removed physical to lightning and added inspiration. Pob shows more dmg. And my current cold conversion with watcher's eye is at 90ish. If i add Winter Spirit it goes to 100% but that is a totally different route in the tree. Is having only one type of dmg bad? Since some mobs will tank cold dmg?

And I am also thinking of adding both immortal call and steelskin on CWDT gem? Will that work? And another CWDT for phasing and and golem.

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Well the reason behind physical to lightning was to get ful elemental conversion and with removing it you wont be able to shock enemies anymore and i dont think you can actually deal more damage with that without shock :D so running physical reflec might be a problem for you with that and without shock... well, that might be the main drawback.

your cold conversion with watcher's is around 70%, where did you get the other 20?

Sadly Steel skin and immortal call share the same cooldown as do all these defensive skills.

and can you post your pob link again? haven't had the chance to look at it yet^^
I see your point your point about shock. But I thought I am getting shock through elemental proliferation? Not sure if it works I have it linked with HoI.

With watcher's eye I get like 35-40%, 25% from Wrath and 25% from gloves so that's like 85% and another 20% from the tree skill called Winter Spirit so I added it as an anointment since its way off the route and use intuitive leap again to get the Overcharge skill for the generation of frenzy/power/endur. Charges.

So that's like 100% cold.

And I removed the PoB link because I wanted to tweak a bit more. So here it is now I think it is more optimal this way.


Anyways I am not sure I know what I am doing, just testing stuff. But PoB shows something around 4.5mil dps. with shock. Let me know what you think.

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Hmh there are several things not exactly right.
First of all, one that benefits your dps, you have to place your arcane surge manually somewhere in you pob, because it doesn't exactly calculate the stat itself (it is red on the item)
Then, when you try to calc dps, i at least calculate with shaper dps^^ it's a personal thing but i see most ppl do it and thats why i do it aswell
and no, you dont actually shock when you dont deal lightning damage. The amount of lightning damage is what tells you the effectivness on shock.
normally critical strikes have 100% chance to shock and otherwise your non crits have it equal to your "chance to shock" stat. Thats why you won't ignite in your build aswell.
Furthermore, no you dont have 100% cold conversion.
24% from glove, 36% from watcher's and 20 from winter spirit. you dont have Wrath and if you meant Hatred, no it doesn't give you conversion, only extra damage^^ in my opinion it's a waste not to use physical to lightning since you lose your annoit and shock and and and. additionally you have a built up timer for inspiration except it works together with unleash, don't know that
(in terms of damage sin's rebirth beats the cinderswallen urn btw)

i will look more into this later on^^ hope it helps for now :)
all in all nice damage tho^^
I am so bad ^^. Yeah you are right I am changing it now. And yes I meant hatred and yes I thought it was conversion. I should read more carefully before posting next time.

So if I dont use Winter Spirit I really need watcher's eye with Conversion.. damn, I was hoping to use another mod for watcher's eye like Penetration if I could get that 50% conversion on Cold. But even I use Winter Spirit I can get it to 45%. Will that 5% make a big difference?

I also think inspiration a really big boost on dps not sure can I replace it with hypothermia instead?
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Nah not bad. Asking questions and making mistakes is the only way to really improve^^
i have yet to try a high level inspiration to actually say something so... just try it out for yourself. It's less consistend, but if you play it out right it can be a good dps boost i guess.
The same with the 5% non conversion... try it out^^ run a phys reflec map and see how you do
but i still dont think it's worth it. you lose an annointment for a half jewel slot for not even having the same effect. in my opinion the quality of life weights higher here :D

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