3.14 KING OF ALL SUMMONERS. Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres on STEROIDS! | League-Start to End-Game

I noticed that you had a POB listed but not an actual "skill tree" build path guide. I am having trouble with the POB any chance you have a phot for the skill tree?
Sorry if this was asked already, but why is there a jewel in the pob that just gives minions 240% increased dmg? - found out already...
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DrusBert wrote:
Sorry if this was asked already, but why is there a jewel in the pob that just gives minions 240% increased dmg? - found out already...

is a jewel called Elegant Hubris
is anyone at endgame content with this build yet? T16+, bosses act?
whats it like?
Binkyyy wrote:
is anyone at endgame content with this build yet? T16+, bosses act?
whats it like?

I haven't rolled this build in the new league yet but with proper gear it handle T16+ well.

Here is a screen shot I did right now in standard on T16 Arachnide tomb. Keep in mind I invested quite a bit of currency in the build (it follows the Speed farming section).

It was also performing quite well before the investment, now it's mainly much faster.

I'm gonna start rolling this build today.

Let's see how it goes :)
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I've been using this same build since 3.9 metamorph league and I always forget to do something with the build... PVP ARENA in ACT3 at level 40.

Literally the build just demolishes almost almost everyone. It is KING at level 39-40 in PVP. I must have killed at least 150 players (I counted) before I died for the first time. Eventually I encountered a marauder that I beat only once after dying 20-30 times. The guy would do a jump and cyclone that kills all my minions in 2 seconds. Of course I changed it up using minion life, feeding frenzy, minion damage etc.. Rangers with a speed build will be a challenging fight, but they lost 95% of the time. After killing 300 players and spending 15 hours in PVP, I decided I needed to move on and complete the league challenge rewards. It will demolish other witches and summoners. Anyone who runs from you will be a challenge to kill, but you don't die often. Sometimes I kill 4 players within 4 seconds. The build is definitely not squishy at level 40. In fact I got to level 40 solo and deathless.

So HOW??????
So HOW??????
So HOW??????

Just follow the POB in page 1 and use any junk gear you find on the way.
Your primary PVP weapons are 5L zombies, 4L skeletons, 3L raging spirits, 2L spectres. Auras: Discipline, Purity of Elements (sometimes I turn this off if I need more mana in the fight). And yes, you can be very flexible in choosing either minion damage, minion life, minion speed and feeding frenzy when amping your minions.

LONG version:

At level 39-40, you can have:
6-8 zombies
1-2 spectres. I used the plumed chimeral from sceptre of gods act 3.

The only notable gear I had: 10% movement speed, queens decree 5L+1 which I got after dying too much from that marauder, a +1 zombie talisman, trigger word of reflection on hit from trial which gives you an advantage in PVP because it creates a duplicate of you, +1 level minion gems, clearly just junk gear.

passive jewels: no jewels yet

queens decree 5L+1 socket
raise zombie
melee physical damage
feeding frenzy
+ desecrate

vaal summon skel
melee splash
melee physical damage
feeding frenzy

3L+1 socket:
summon raging spirit
minion speed
feeding frenzy
+ molten shell

2L+1 socket:
raise spectre
minion life
+ flame dash

3 sockets:
+spirit offering
Aura: discipline
Aura: purity of elements

POB passives you should have by level 39-40:

lord of the dead
deep wisdom
heart and soul
arcanist dominion
spiritual command
enduring bond
discipline and training
grave pact
ancestral knowledge

ascendancy: mindless agression

stats at level 40:

int 219
str 199
dex 82
life 943
mana 586
es 464
fire res 80%
cold res 50%
lightning res 77%
chaos res 0%
armour 122
evasion 204
minion damage modifier 173%
minion life modifier 106%

In closing, did getting the 5L queens help me kill that one marauder that gave me the toughest fight? With the queens I went from level 39 with 6 zombies 4L to level 40 with 8 zombies in a 5L chain. My last fight with the marauder ended 2:2. I killed him twice, he got me twice. If I had non-junk gear...the story would have been different.

Summary: This is definitely KING in PVP ARENA ACT 3

Haha that's so awesome to hear...

Never even thought of doing PVP with this :)
What map mods can this build not do?
Also atm (lvl 80) I'm using pride and flesh&stone, do I need enlighten 3 to fit discipline? I'm about to spec into sovereignty

is there a 3.13 pob?
I bought few good items and i have few questions (first check my profile)
-Does my items looks good ? (boots getting +120 hp +30 speed + 40 cold +to cap my res after lvl 70 but thats tomorrow)
-does my ring with flammability fuck smh up ? its from my other char and i remember you can have only 1 curse but i from lvling i see those zombies are dumb should i change it for socket one ? and what skill put there to fix their ai and deal dmg
-Most important skills to get after 81 -122 (im just lvl 69/70) need to make smart decision cuz want to go already for some t5 minimum t+11 atleast
-What gems first
-When to consider upgrading shaper gloves i have money for it but idk if it beat the str from those one for now

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