[3.8] Cold Dominating blow/Spiders. 12,5M DPS, Huge tankiness, fast clear, great for boss/Delving.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Really appreciate it. Everything you said makes sense and I have a better grasp now on the mechanics. One thing I forgot to mention is that I slotted a Culling Support into my gloves instead of Blink. I zoom around so fast with Whirling Blades that I haven't missed it much or can drop one in for Lab/Trials. Culling so far has been great.
Colure wrote:
How do you consistently hit the worms with db? I'm struggling to spawn spiders at the start of maps with db.

In few steps:
-Use desecrate x2
-Start using DB in empty space without target (if you have primal fury). If you don't, use a spell like orb of storm somewhere (like at the place of tempest shield).
-Once you started, pop writhing jar, you will kill the worms before the spectres do.

However, if you already have sentinels, it's harder. You have to kite them a bit before popping the jar.

@CooterTheWooter: Culling strike makes sense as well, it's a good support. I will add it, thanks for the idea.
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Good day mate :)

Thanks for mmaking this awesome guide. I have been really enjoying everything. So my facebreaker/reckoning starter gear will not go to waste then :) Currently leveling the hungry loop, but having a blast so far. But I neeed orb of storm, no chance for me to spawn spiders otherwise :D Maybe I am to slow. But still, deep into red maps no problems even without the right setup yet.


Edit: Maybe post some pictures of the spectres whch people should select, can be hard to find them sometimes :)
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Waemiwi wrote:

Edit: Maybe post some pictures of the spectres whch people should select, can be hard to find them sometimes :)

Added in the general dominating blow part (the II), under an 8th section, with screenshot with exact name, location and aspect.

In any case, try to anoit primal fury asap, and you will see, summoning spiders at the start of anything will be very easy (and primal fury is awesome in general).
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Yeah I saw that, but I still have

from a different built :D Hesitating to switch it, because it was rather expensive.

On a side note, if you have the -15 mana cost on the chest you dont need clarity anyway :) So my orb of storm is in the unset ring

I guess I will try primal fury on a different amulet.

Switching to empower (3) and 21 bone offering now, lets see how that goes :)

Edit: Pictures seem not to work correctly
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Is shroud of the lightness also a valid armour to use for this build? You get ele penetration instead of focus, but its a more multiplier so about as effective. The plus side you get an extra jewel to add to increase dps/defense even more?
Shroud of the lightless is a huge dps loss.

You trade 49% more damage for 37% penetration. However, you already hit on -49% cold resist, so 37% penetration is 24.8% more damage (against 49% for elemental focus).

Edit: Pictures work on my part, can someone else confirm they don't work (and which one in particular?)
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It does not load the picture from the spectres for me. Everything else works fine.
Hi, same the spectre pictures do not load.
I tried to change the uploader. Tell me if it's better.

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