[3.8] Cold Dominating blow/Spiders. 12,5M DPS, Huge tankiness, fast clear, great for boss/Delving.

Yeah its working now. Thanks! I just started a new character yesterday to try out your build. :D
Lvl 95 achieved (It's a huge first for me, despite playing since a long time, I never managed to hit 92 before), and Uber elder down (with 2 deaths, given it was the first time I tried the fight with any character. I have no doubt that with a little training to avoid the death ballz of death, it will be deathless :p).

In any case, the build is "all content viable" confirmed :p
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couldn't you use a frostbite on hit ring, +30% frostbite helmet enchant, and drop the bishop in favor of an elemental weakness-casting defiler?

I started playing this game after blight launched, so I'm still a noob and don't know if that's feasible
It's possible, but very expensive, either in tree points, since you need whisper of doom, so at least 3 additional points, but also in opportunity costs (you need either a very specific ring or a rare corruption on rare gloves). The gain is not that high (~6.7% for the glove corruption, 5,3% for the ring with frostbite on hit).

It's a good way if you want to min-max further, however. The helm enchant is not worth it, however, 3 magic sentinels are much more useful.
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dont waste ammy enchant on tribal fury, if you practice timing your frost bomb, you can almost always summon spiders without any worries. place frost bomb at your feet and use flask right before it goes off.
Tribal fury is a lot more useful than simply trigger spiders at the start. I recommand using it even with the pure DB build, without Arakaali.
-It increases the amount of targets hit by DB, so you get more sentinels more quickly.
-It allows you to remove melee splash without feeling clunky, increasing DB damage since it gains another damage link (because I can't recommand playing DB without primal fury, AC or melee splash, it's just awful).
-It gives a lot of leeway for everything. You need to hit a boss for EE? You don't have to be at melee range and you can be further. You want to hit a pack? It's not a problem if WB stopped you just a bit before. And you don't have to be inside a pack in any case.

Ravenous horde is not a bad option, but it doesn't open gameplay option as Primal fury does. It's just more hidden power, and not a lot of it anyway.
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ah yeah, thats a very fair point. I just really like soul of steel and wanted to fit it in.
Just wanted to drop back in and say how much fun this build is. Once I was able to afford Tribal Fury it really took off. Some of my items could use an upgrade but I don't really feel it at all. Damage is so good that I just worried about getting 7% life on my Jewels with immunity to Maim, Hinder, and Corrupted Blood. Feels great playing. The only time I died (knock on wood) was a week ago when I was doing unidentified maps challenge and got one with no flask charges, no regen, and reduced block plus some rippy damage mods on a red map and once in a Synthesis Map. Even when re-leveling my gems once converted to 20% I felt strong. Thanks again!! Been having a blast and have no desire to play something else like I normally do at this point of the league.

If anyone else is playing I recommend getting Tribal Fury and a level 21 Specter Gem as soon as you can. Makes a big difference. I leveled up my Hungry Loop myself and kind of enjoyed checking the gems progress on the back bar and making sure I didn't accidentally level them up once it hit 20.
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Hey man, found your post via iLL3at's build. What you got here looks great, I love Dom Blow. Tried to make them work in 3.8, with not too much success. IDK if you wanna update it, but if you do I got some ideas:

-Body Armour 25% increased effect of offerings mod can give +9%/+9% more block & 9% more spellblock. There are also some great spell block nodes just above Lord of the Dead, with +8% spell block for 2 points (pretty good) and another +10% spell block for 5 points (probably not worth it). In total you can get up to ~72% spell block that way, to 75% if you get bone offering to level 25.

-You can link the reckoning given by the Surrender with Curse on Hit - Frostbite - Elemental Weakness. IDK if that is better than getting curse from spectres, but it is an option.

-Possibly equip Jinxed Juju for another 10% less damage taken from hits.

-Death bishop, as a spectre, has a cooldown of frostbite of like 10 seconds. Diabolist (The spectre that casts Enfeeble) Has no internal cooldown and will spam it all the time. Ruins Hellion spectre has a -30% damage taunt (as opposed to -10% from literally any other taunt) so that can also be a really good defensive spectre.

-Possibly swap out a support from your 6L to add Zombies? Makes bossing more consistent as you struggle less with actually creating minions. So long as you use elemental focus it shouldn't impede DB generation too much.

I made some of these changes in PoB and moved some gems around to get it to work in your build. Maybe it helps: https://pastebin.com/3KyuJ0x0
You make some very good points. I would like to add that with a increased offering effect body armor, you can probably stay block caped, keep close to the same life gain on block and remove the surrender and get something else (a scourge in DW, for instance). You lose armor (so you lose out on Molten shell), but it's probably a ton better for mobility (scourge is a lot faster) and general feeling of the build (while more effective, arakaali feels a bit bad with its low attack speed).

However, I don't think I will update the guide. Maybe I will, but I can't promise in good conscience, as I will play something else this league (Animate weapons, I don't play often twice the same build), and I don't think it's a good idea I try to maintain a build I don't play anymore.

If someone want to do another guide about it, he is free to take as much as he want from this one.
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