[3.8] Trickster Flicker Strike (10 - 15 million Shaper DPS) - Uber Elder Down


10/26: Not much new. Using Kiara's Determination flask for mapping. Running The Vertex on juiced T16s for safety. Did another Shaper run and noticed there is no real need to spin up for charges on the sub bosses. Just melt them down with Cyclone. Saves some time.

10/13: Decided to show off a full life Shaper kill with Damage on Full Life Support. Updated gif.

10/5: Uber Elder down. First character I've attempted the fight on. Took every life. Main thing about this fight is just to be patient. Use Warchief and Cyclone the majority of the time to keep up charges and be able to do damage on the move. Nuke with Flicker Strike, but only in small intervals. Cyclone and Warchief appears to be plenty to do the fight with. Again, patience is key.

9/26: Updated Skill Gems section. Special thanks to Blackdeath911 for that.

9/20: Updated build with Tenacity, some minor Skill Gem changes and changed a single point move from Evasion and Elemental Resistances (12% Evasion, +3% All Elemental Resists) to Armour and Evasion (12% Evasion/Armour, +3% All Elemental Resists). Should break 15mil DPS just on Flicker Strike now.

9/20: Ruthless appears to be better than I previously thought. The combination of Multistrike and Ruthless is creating very large hits that allow for higher shock values. Basically it takes a 1.6million crit to apply Shock at full value to Shaper which is not possible with out Ruthless.

9/19: Tried a few Uber Elders and failed. Combination of me being new to the fight mechanics and Flicker putting me in some really bad spots. Next time I'm going to try to use Flicker Strike more sparingly and let Cyclone and Ancestral Warchief do most of the work.

9/18: Toying with Infused Channeling and Fortify on Cyclone and moving War Banner to boots. The 10% more Damage applies to Flicker Strike, Cyclone, and Ancestral Warchief. Seems to net about 1mil more DPS for 6sec, but probably not needed. I do find the Fortify/Infusion buffs on Cyclone make that part of the build more engaging.

Introduction: Flickster Tricker Strike!
-Build Goals: I wanted to make a Flicker Strike build that scaled well off fairly basic gear. I didn't want to spend multiple exalted orbs on small upgrades in jewels, rares, or crafting. A lot of this build came from gear that I had laying around and just upgraded over time.

-Why Trickster?: Trickster Ascendancy has tons of free stats through Escape Artist and free damage through Swift Killer. Trickster also has the unique ability of generating both Power and Frenzy charges through channeling allowing you to go into any fight full on both. Ghost Shroud--while nerfed in 3.8--still provides mitigation and instantly restores a portion of your Energy Shield when hit. Lastly, free movement skills.

-How do you generate Frenzy?: This is very common question. Frenzy generation is coming from kills, Flicker Strike itself (20% chance on hit), and from Cyclone channeling. Also note that Flicker Strike only costs Frenzy when the CD isn't available, so there is no Frenzy cost every 2 seconds. For bosses, I don't consistently generate Frenzy. The idea is for the Boss to be dead before Frenzy runs out; you can always refresh charges with Cyclone channeling if needed.

Gameplay Videos:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08gvsANjiPE (42sec Phoenix Clear)

-High DPS (Can pull 15mil+ Shaper DPS with Adrenaline)
-Very mobile with exceptional clear speed
-High burst for boss killing
-Straight forward gearing
-Scales well off of uniques
-Generates Power, Frenzy, and Endurance charges
-6000 Effective HP (4900 Life / 1100 ES) with layered defenses
-No mana costs
-Innate stun immunity

-Not good for delving
-Still can get exploded by strong boss attacks with the right (wrong) modifiers
-Can't run physical reflect maps
-Relies heavily on flasks
-No freeze immunity

The Build (Updated 9/20):


Skill Gems:

Main Skill 6L (Chest)
Flicker Strike > Multistrike > Close Combat > Melee Physical > Ruthless > Melee Splash (Clear) or Full Life (Single Target DPS)

Charge Generation/Ancestral Warchief/Fortify/Infusion 6L (Weapon)
Vaal Ancestral Warchief > Cyclone > Close Combat > Melee Physical > Infused Channeling Support > Fortify Support

Mobility 3L + War Banner
Leap Slam > Faster Attacks > Endurance Charge on Stun </>
War Banner

Aura + Survivability 4L
Steel Skin (LVL 20) > Cast When Damage Taken (LVL 20) > Blasphemy > Assassin's Mark

Auras 4L
Flesh and Stone > Maim > Herald of Purity > Enlighten (Rank 3)

Gear and Explanations:
Weapon: Starforge / Terminus Est

Only need to 5 link in the original build. Starforge is my current "end game" weapon. One shots packs in T16s and kills bosses so quickly that Frenzy generation never really comes up. Terminus Est is still plenty for Shaper and is a much better option for Frenzy generation at lower levels and when you are lacking damage.

Helm: Abyssus (Offensive) / The Vertex, Vaal Mask (Defensive)

I prefer Abyssus for bosses and typically run The Vertex, Vaal while mapping. Abyssus is a huge DPS boost which I find more useful for T16 and Shaper than the additional defenses. The Vertex is good for ~650 additional ES and +12% Evade Chance which makes mapping safer; everything T15 on down just melts, so the extra DPS of Abyssus really isn't needed.

Body Armor: Bronn's Lithe (Offensive) / Kintsugi (Defensive)

This is your 6 link slot for Flicker Strike. Bronn's Lithe is giving ~800ES from Escape Artist and a decent DPS boost. Kintsugi is decent at preventing one shots.

Shaper's Touch

Ton's of free stats. Get +1 to Maximum Frenzy Charges corrupted to further scale damage from Frenzy charges.

Boots: Darkray Vectors

Darkray gives damage and movement from Frenzy charges and +1 to Maximum Frenzy Charges. Enchant with attack speed, movement, or regen when hit.

Rings: Le Heup of All / Rare, Gifts from Above

Basically capping out resists with Le Heup of All. A rare can fulfill the same purpose. Gifts from above provides some nice extra damage for bossing by adding crit and dropping Consecrate.

Amulet: Rare

Life and Increased Maximum Energy Shield was my prefernce. Really a dealer's choice kind of slot; pick something you like.

Belt: Stygian Vise / Doryani's Invitation

Pretty standard. Get life and resists.

Lion's Roar, Atziri's Promise, Sin's Rebirth, Silver Flask, Diamond Flasks

Just run all DPS flasks. I ran a Wise Oak for resists and a Healing flask at lower levels.


Crit multiplier, life, ES, and cap resists.

Leap Strike to gain Endurance charges or to dodge large attacks. Tap Cyclone on mobs to activate Fortify. Flicker strike everything and try to keep flasks up. Use Leap Strike to keep yourself going in the direction you want. Use Cyclone to build/refresh Power and Frenzy charges in down times. For Boss fights, make sure you are full on Frenzy/Power charges, run in, drop your Ancestral Warchief, Vaal Ancestral Warchief, and War Banner for a large burst of damage.

Help Alira.

Soul of Solaris (Major) and Soul of Yugol (Minor)

Solaris helps with bosses, one shots, and ailments. Yugol helps with Freeze and Shaper cold damage.

Working on a leveling build. Flicker Strike doesn't really come online until around level 53 when you have both Terminus Est and Bronn's. You can Flicker much earlier with Blood Rage, Blood Dance boots (lvl 44), but it may be sub-optimal.

End Comments:
If you made it this far, thanks for checking out my first guide. I ran this build for most of 3.7 and it seemed incredibly overlooked compared the deluge of Slayer and Berserker Flicker Strike builds. This build is meant to achieve similar or better results at much less cost.

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Hey i love how it looks so far, i've not played a flicker in a long while. If you could build a leveling tree set i'd give it a shot, (Since i'm really bad) Otherwise i wish you the best of luck with this.
I agree, would like leveling tree too! I'm excited to your build! Never played flicker strike, but i'd like to try this league!

At what level approx. do you switch to Flicker?

Tkx in advance !
I love play Flicker Strike and have a few builds I have seen that I want to mess with. Really interested in level tree if you do so. Holding onto this so I can mess with it soon as I get my Trappy Zappy Boi through some mapping/farm stuff for the flicker build.
Are those support gems in order of most important to least important? what would you run in a 5L. Rolling that many off colors on the armor seems like a chore
Are those support gems in order of most important to least important? what would you run in a 5L. Rolling that many off colors on the armor seems like a chore

Flicker Strike > Multistrike > Close Combat > Melee Splash > Melee Physical > Ruthless in terms importance. Drop Ruthless for a 5 link. I will sometimes swap Melee Splash for Full Life against bosses.

Off color sockets on armor was a chore. I think it took 480 chromatic orbs. You basically have to run evasion armor with this build for the synergy with Escape Artist. The chest piece was by far the most expensive item in terms of resources spent.
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How much damage are you losing if you run a 6L corrupted eva rare armor with those colors instead
How much damage are you losing if you run a 6L corrupted eva rare armor with those colors instead

Looks like around 14%. Bronn's Lithe is pretty much best in slot for the build. I tend to pile up Chromatic Orbs, so the off color rolls never bothered me.

Does close combat work with flicker?
What about flicker strike and blight mechanic? is it possible to clear blighted maps with flicker?
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