The Miracle Portal Effect

Augusten wrote:
ASpiRingFX wrote:
So why are you releasing new content with out fixing the game..... Honestly there are a large amount of players who cant even attempt END GAME this league... after playing ova the weekend my pc has encountered many of problems including blu screens and many of crashes. Infact every encounter with cassia i would crash if not in the midst ~ immediately after 100% of the time..
Delve is broken cant proceed because the monsters wouldnt spawn and therefore the mine craft was un clickable ...

Sorry to say ive uninstalled for the time being UNTILL u fix all the bugs etc LIKE b4 the BIG fix in LEGION it was disgusting but it seems with the new league all the exsisting bugs are back..

So waiting for the big BUG fix patch.. Thankyou GGG

Yes GGG.

Make all your artists work on code.

That will fix everything.

Or this guy is an idiot.

no, he actually has a point. there have been alot of bugs which are now hopefully fixed and with some more testing probably could have been found before the start of this league.

release cycles are too short. or the slpha teters are doing a bad job. they probably got trustworthy guys but they're not finding all bugs in the time given to them
Sarn88 wrote:
How about atmospheric MTX for zombnies, like dead Oriathian footmen instead of all things celestial?

soon: celestial zombnies

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