[3.11] Brittleknee’s Cold Elemental Hit Deadeye for Magic Find - Rags to Riches Guide Inside!

It looks like a good parking build but I'd really recommend playing a regular bow build then transition into into mf at lvl90 with a respect regear and ascendancies done. This way it can even be league started.
Also in leagues you'd better play the league mechanics generally and it involves red maps.
MF generally means beeing able to juice and sustain a hh map.
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This is my tips

- free power charge generation on packs (not on boss...feel free to change it with ur fav curse gem to change charge flavour)
- +69% item rarity by enemy shattered by herald of ice
- I feel good with this chest less mov speed but more rewarding
- fill the remaining sockets with something useful like HP leech but be on eye with mana multiply for Herald of ice
- For Standard players

♪ ♫ . M u s i c I s T h e A n s w e r . ♫
RNG = Common taboo affect video game players who believe in "fortune" instead of Decimal fraction.
Do you like the new League? No ty, I dont like "Survival" games! (STD best league ever)
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I need to see what this looks like. Just a short clip or video of a red map please? :>

It would be my second character this league, just focusing on the speed clear and magic find. Would you say this build is also good in combination with harvest? Given that we can make some very powerful items ourself with the plant juice craft.
IchigoPL wrote:
Guys which armor is better ? Queen Or Greed's Embrace
? i wanna run port map

My gut feeling is that this increase in quantity doesn't make up for the loss in speed over time.

hallohoofd wrote:
Does this build not need accuracy rating?q

The character from the PoB link ends up with over 3000 accuracy, meaning it usually has 100% chance to hit.

Fanto02 wrote:
Hi guys, i'm currently running this build. I can complete T14+ with no problem and still fast (no boss, obv.)

Can you suggest me which maps runs and how to make them juicy, which currency and mod using? Pretty new to the game and the maps the i'm running right now doesn't seems like good at all

Thanks, Davide.

Straightforwardly, use chisels and sextants adding monsters to your maps, then Harbinger and Legion scarabs/mods. If you roll strongboxes mods with sextants, you can use Ambush scarabs/mod as well. Divination scarabs are effective, but in the cases of the very rare cards, like the Doctor, it's still a high risk. Some popular choices for maps are Burial Chambers, Tower and Port.

Would you say this build is also good in combination with harvest? Given that we can make some very powerful items ourself with the plant juice craft.

Not sure if I understand. Harvest itself doesn't seem to be very character-specific. The build uses a lot of unique items, so the power that Harvest brings in it's limited, but surely still helps.
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is this build still viable?
My version of MF-deadeye with legacy items (stdrt): pastebin.com/0hJNq2nB

It is ice shot variation, I switched to IS long time ago - abyss jewels are nice source of added flat dmg and work well with IS high effectiveness of added dmg.
They are easy to roll and can be whatever you want - life, crit, crit multi, blind, onslaught, etc.
Gear is mostly focused on IIQ, but I have life gear set in PoB - recently used it for lvling. Life set of gear can be much better - 5k life is realistic, with life on abyss jewels and really good gear you can have ~5.5K. Also I have some interesting uniques added to PoB - mainly body armors & bows (can be legacy items).

BE AWARE - tree is optimized (=scuffed) for the sake of divination distillate uptime. I removed mana regen/leech nodes on tree, removed vaal pact and added blood rage to the build (slight HP degen + generation of frenzy charges) only for this flask, otherwise you instantly lose its effect.

For bosses I swap IIQ gem with barrage support, but generally speaking bossing is a bad idea for this build. For a temp league players, 6th gem (instead of IIQ) can be cold pen/chain/mir archer. Amy slot should be used for dps/res, nerfed bisco's collar not worth it.

By no means its finished / minmaxed build.
Feels like upper part of the tree isn't optimal, but I have attributes & res problem without it. Bottom-left area of the tree also doesn't feels great, and can be swapped for a good cluster setup.
In terms of gear, my 120 IIQ / 70 IIR is nothing for stdrd char, those numbers can be a lot higher.

PS - you can drop PoB DPS by a lot, just check "hexaproof + reduced dmg from crit + extra resist" in config. It's almost x3 less, be aware.
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Nice Build
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can i change ele hit to split arrow? i love the split arrow skill and was wondering if i can use that instead and just keep added cold damage and pierce support!? it would also take away the need for lesser multi projectiles
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Just wanted to mention that this build still works great, just beat act 10 kitava and breezed through the main story in SSF no problem.

It's not my first char in SSF obviously, but I made this to increase my stash of uniques and currency. I only have Sadima's and Queen of the Forest and only 1 of the 2 threshold jewels so I can't go elemental hit yet, but with some luck the IIQ will help get me the missing threshold. I am using a Perandus Blazon and 6% IIQ talisman to help increase quantity until I get the pieces needed. I set up my loot filter for chancing bases (Heavy Belt, Gold Ring, Nightmare Bascinet, Imperial Bow, Nubuck Boots) and trying on every one, no luck so far. Used a +1 level to gems Tabula Rasa with the recommended Rain of Arrows 6L and it just destroyed the entire storyline. I'm using a The Peregrine and Sundance for increased rarity and having no problems missing resists and being super under geared, maybe I will go splat in maps, we'll see. Using a Death's Harp and Hyrri's Bite and they've served me well. Plus some decent rings for resists and other useful stats. I followed the leveling tree advice and it was smooth sailing all the way up.

So if anybody is considering this for SSF, I would recommend that you have at least a couple IIQ uniques first and then yes it definitely works. I found more currency than normal while leveling: 2 exalted, 3 GCP, 1 divine orb and 1 orb of annulment to name a few and it's getting pretty nice in act 10. You can always grind act 10 zones for more skill points, currency and chance to find missing uniques if you're unable to handle maps by the time you get there. Thanks Brittleknee for making this build, I'm surprised there isn't more interested in a SSF MF build, it's really important to boost your other characters.

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