[3.11] Brittleknee’s Cold Elemental Hit Deadeye for Magic Find - Rags to Riches Guide Inside!

After some PoBing, switched to Death's Opus. +2 arrow allows to get extra DPS gem instead of LMP. Gem+bow changes gave me +40% dps.
Main reasons - I need 2 or 3 lvls for extra jew socket, and i want to transition to red maps (+ extra sextants means extra mobs).
Surprisingly, its ok-ish setup for T14 (without bosses).

UPD: actually not, sorry. Done 40-50 maps for testing purpose.
In comparison, you can run good (beyond + other juice) T9 with this setup, or you can run T14. First option will feel like good, efficient mapping (actually fast = you have enough DPS for everything). T14 is doable, but not that enjoyable.

Be aware, i'm not a temp league player, 1 of my gems sockets reserved for IIQ gem. For a temp league you can run a healthy 6L xD, and i guess it will make a difference.
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Jekersep wrote:
I feel like my damage is really low (Takes a while to kill yellow mobs), and if the Voidfletcher is better, should I go for GMP instead of LMP? Thanks

Voidfletcher can be better by adding Void Shot, but honestly without testing it's hard to say if the trade-off is worth mods on a rare quiver. I believe BK hasn't been interested in using it yet. I don't think it would be a reason to switch LMP for GMP. Then, it can make it harder to balance out resistances.

Looks like you're missing some accuracy, maybe attack speed too. Getting Hit Chance as close to 100% as possible is important for crit builds, picking Acuity should help a bit. Point Blank definitely can help at least with single target damage as well.
after looking at the PoB the Combat Focus Viridian jewel in the duelist part of the tree only has 30 total strength and dex. imma missing something?

- Never mind, it doesn't have to be allocated *Facepalm*
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Oy mate allways wanted to try ele hit mf thanks for build simple nice effective ;)
Seems like a lot of people have problems with boss DPS.
I'm testing gem swap option - barrage + damage on full life, and it's the first time I feel my character can oppose to bosses.
You'll need 1 white socket for this swap, or second 6L. + don't forget about phys reflect on your maps.

PS - feels good to be able to complete your pantheon independently

PPS - swapping 2 gems isn't a great experience.
Barrage support is better option: one gem to swap, it's HP independent, easy to fit because of colour. If I'm not missing something important in PoB, it's also more DPS per projectile than barrage + dmg on full life (28%).
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I'm having a problem with my dps, https://pastebin.com/FYFBZ5BB, i'm struggling to kill rare mobs, i'm also have a problem with capping resistances. any help would be appreciated,
MichaelDR91 wrote:
i'm struggling to kill rare mobs, i'm also have a problem with capping resistances.

General idea - you should wear rare items (life + res, dps affixes are nice if you can fit them) until your skill tree is done and you can switch to IIQ gear.

Low character lvl - not enough points. You are missing half of the bow wheel (ends with Master Fletcher node), and the whole cold wheel (Flash Freeze and Winter Spirit). Dagger nodes under Acro and Phase acro are waste of precious skill points, imho.
If your DPS really feels bad, you can switch mirage archer gem for ele dmg with attacks (at least temporary for lvling - until your tree will be fixed). Also you should consider quiver as a dps slot.
Resists - rings and amulet (rare helm also can do this job).
Flasks - they are important. Use Jade instead of Stibnite, would give you more evasion (ideally with prefix "of reflexes", but this slot can be used for freeze immunity). Diamond flask should have suffix "of order" - it's a big dps boost (crafted mod, you can't roll it with alts/augs). Health flask should have bleed-removing affix.

Gems - add frost bomb lvl 1 to your build, it helps with tanky mobs.
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Guys which armor is better ? Queen Or Greed's Embrace
? i wanna run port map
Does this build not need accuracy rating?q
Hi guys, i'm currently running this build. I can complete T14+ with no problem and still fast (no boss, obv.)

Can you suggest me which maps runs and how to make them juicy, which currency and mod using? Pretty new to the game and the maps the i'm running right now doesn't seems like good at all

Thanks, Davide.

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