Anointing Enchantments Table in Path of Exile: Blight

Should I remember them all :D
Stockpiling now

Just got all my jun crafts unveiled...2 years later! Thanks Gravicius!
Please add another column to the chart:
I'm not sure this counts as a teaser so much as "here is 100% of the information you hadn't even thought to ask for yet".
Someone will make a utility that makes this information actually useful at some point... right?
Is there an alternative mode of passive tree that shows oils' names instead of icons? Many oils look alike.
what is this facking wall of text hmm ?

next time give some info in actual game not like this

its like a slap in the face
Last edited by Zebedin on Sep 12, 2019, 8:00:49 AM
But can you anoint a passive you already have allocated on the tree? Can I have multiple stacks of a single passive if I have multiple blighted items with the same passive on it?
saw some layer selling other then blight unique got anointed mods. how do they got that?

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